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Terminate Your Enemies With These New Fortnite Skins

Following its most recent (and ongoing) crossover event with the Predator franchise, Fortnite is gearing up for yet another sci-fi collaboration. In a recent update, the popular battle royale title has released two new skins based on T-800 and Sarah Connor from the Terminator film series. These skins were featured in a short reveal trailer that was uploaded by the official Fortnite YouTube channel.


According to an announcement from the Fortnite team, both skins will have their own special qualities. Sarah Connor's skin will come in two different versions that can be accessorized with T-800 Endoskeleton Arm Back Bling and Combat Knife. Meanwhile, the T-800 skin will come with a new Emote and can be accompanied by the HK Sky Net Uplink Back Bling and Techno-Grip Axe.

This collaboration was correctly guessed by Fortnite fans. Before the reveal of these new skins, the Fortnite Twitter account tweeted a short clip that described the game's upcoming recruit. The description teased at the Terminator franchise by stating that Fortnite's latest addition would be someone who's experienced "impending global doom, time travel, and paradoxes," before concluding the transmission by saying, "She'll fit right in." Afterwards, Fortnite players quickly pieced together the puzzle, guessing that a skin based on Sarah Connor would be revealed.


This guess wasn't too far off. Considering that the game's latest season is focused on hunters from a variety of different franchises, it's only natural that the Terminator fit right in. Previously, Fortnite brought on Kratos and the Mandolorian as a part of this new theme. Sarah Connor and T-800 are definitely solid entries to go along with the newer roster of character skins for players to choose from.

Players who are interested in getting their hands on these new skins should be prepared to dish out some V-Bucks. The skins are currently available in Fortnite's in-game store as a part of the "Future War ” bundle, which includes the aforementioned emote and cosmetic items for the price of 2,800 V-Bucks. However, players who are a little strapped for V-Bucks, or are just only interested in one of the two skins, will have the option to purchase them separately. The Sarah Connor skin is currently priced at 1,800 V-Bucks, while the T-800 costume is selling for 1,500 V-Bucks. Players who were hoping for a different set of characters have no need to worry. This season of Fortnite is still very much ongoing, which more than likely means there are more skins to come.