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28% Of People Would Never Play This Game Franchise Around Their Family

Rated M for "Mature" or "Moms Not Allowed?" For some gamers, it's both. In an SVG survey, 618 US-based respondents were asked what game franchise they would never play around their families. They were given six options: Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, South Park, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and an "Other" option.


For the top choice, 28% of gamers chose Grand Theft Auto. Given the consistently violent and over the top content woven into the fabric of the game, it makes sense players might want to wait until their folks are in the other room before they go all-in with GTA. As fun as the game is, murder and drug use might not be the smoothest introduction to the world of gaming for your fam.

The game the second-highest number of players picked was South Park, which earned 20% of the vote. Full of four-letter words and adult topics, much like the show it's based on, it makes sense why parents won't want to play South Park games around kids, and vice-versa. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is third at 19%, which makes sense, given its SUPER creepy vibes.


Last but not least

Manhunt, known for its next-level violence and gore, was chosen by 15% of participants. Right behind that, 11% of participants wrote in their own "Other" response. A few of those respondents mentioned that they're comfortable playing any games around family members, while most weren't sure at all. The write-in games players would never play in front of family members included The Last of Us and HuniePop, which were mentioned by one person each.


Coming in dead last (no pun intended) is Saints Row, which scraped up just 7% of votes. While there are still plenty of people out there who might not want to get into simulated violence, sex, drugs, and the like in front of their relatives, players seem to be more comfortable with the silliness of the Saints Row series. Fair enough.

Now you know which titles gamers are least likely to play in front of their families. That's enough numbers for now, so go enjoy all the video game fun you can have, whether that means rocking GTA on full volume or grabbing your headphones to spare the family.