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Bernie Sanders Meme Sneaks Its Way Into Resident Evil

The Resident Evil series features convoluted plots, eerily accurate depictions of the world, and plenty of jump scares, but it has never included a member of Congress, past or present. That is, until now.


Modder and YouTuber ToastedShoes has taken the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme — in which an image of Bernie Sanders in a coat and mittens is placed into incredibly bizarre settings — and inserted it into a variety of video games, but none are quite as funny as seeing the Vermont congressman sliding around the Baker house in his plain folding chair in Resident Evil 7.

The mod places Sanders in the role of every member of the deranged Baker family, chasing protagonist Ethan Winters around the Louisianan grounds. After Ethan wakes at the Baker family dinner table, he sees three masked Bernies arguing over the meal. One Bernie violently cuts another's mitten off, then force feeds it to Ethan, all while ToastedShoes laughs. When Ethan tries to escape the house, Bernie chases after him while sitting in his folding chair. Somehow the congressman sliding across the dirty floor in a folding chair is more frightening than the original scene.


On Twitter user commented, "His power has gotten to the point where he can float down the hallway in his chair. He's too dangerous to be left alive." Another person replied, "Jokes aside what really sells the scare factor even though it's frickin Bernie is the IDGAF postur ... the fact the idea this guy is chasing after you using PSI energy is both hilarious and scary." Fan reactions to the mod show that while the stalking visage of a mitten-wearing Sanders is certainly funny, it's also a bit unsettling.

ToastedShoes inserted Sanders into many video games during his sixteen-minute tribute to the meme-worthy congressman, including Skyrim, where he included audio clips from one of Sanders' many speeches. In the Skyrim sequence, Bernie replaced every NPC in the game, including the dragon that invades the opening scenes.

Bernie Sanders isn't a stranger to catching young people's attention. In 2019, he started a Twitch channel in order to appeal to younger voters and gain support for the 2020 primaries. Sanders has taken the news of his recent meme-ification well, and has used the opportunity to raise money for Meals on Wheels Vermont through sales of a sweatshirt featuring his mitten-wearing, cross-armed, masked pose.


Now if only someone would put Sanders in Castle Dimitrescu so he can finally meet Resident Evil 8's sexy tall vampire lady. Maybe one day.