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Here's How Tall The Sexy Resident Evil Lady Really Is

Resident Evil fans expected some amount of excitement from Capcom's Resident Evil: Village showcase last week, but no one expected to come away with a new video game love. After playing the new demo, Maiden, fans couldn't help but acknowledge Lady Dimitrescu, the wildly tall matron of Castle Dimitrescu.

But how tall is Lady Dimitrescu? Ash Parrish at Kotaku has expertly answered that question once and for all by carefully calculating the villainess' height. First, Parrish attempted to compare Dimitrescu's intimidating stature with an ornate antique chair found in game, but that search didn't prove fruitful, as the chair is unique to the game and does not adhere to any specific furniture in real life.

Then, Parrish decided to measure Dimitrescu by the door she barges in through. But this isn't just any door: It's a very specific, very tall stone-framed doorway. Parrish tracked down a book on the history of Castle Dimitrescu, which reads, "The winemaking techniques of Castle Dimitrescu can be traced as far back as the 15th century." This detail led Parrish to a Google hunt for 15th-century French doors, which proved a success. The door Parrish settled on, sourced from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stands at a whopping 86 inches tall, just a bit over 7 feet. But Lady Dimitrescu can't fit through the large frame and must duck down to properly eviscerate players. 

A little extra height wasn't enough to stop Parrish, though. After determining the average height of a human head (8-9 inches for those who are counting), Parrish stated, "I added an extra inch because nothing about you, you big-ass, scary-ass BAMF, is average, making the height of your head from shoulder to crown 10 inches." With that extra inch, Lady Dimitrescu stands an entire 8 feet tall — 96 inches of intimidating, powerful lady. The internet community thanked Parrish for her service, with one reader noting, "There's something incredibly attractive about a tall woman who can lift you up by your throat." Indeed, there is. 

Parrish's examination of Lady Dimitrescu's height taps into a phenomenon sweeping the internet. Fans are obsessed with what many call the Tall Lady. One meme even combines two internet darlings and places Bernie Sanders in the foyer of Castle Dimitrescu, arms crossed and waiting for Lady Dimitrescu to arrive and step on him. One creator on Tik Tok observes that every Resident Evil game features a creepy, decaying big bad, but Village has gone a completely different route. A different creator simply voices his desires by using the voice of Duke Nukem. The Maiden demo surprised and excited many horror lovers, and fans are positively thirsting for Lady Dimitrescu.

With the internet and gaming journalists alike eager for any new information about Resident Evil: Village or Lady Dimitrescu, it's going to be a long wait until May 7. In the meantime, the world will just have to be satisfied with Maiden, which is available on PS5 now.