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How To Unlock The Shield Ability In Control: Ultimate Edition

Control's next-gen upgrade had fans in a bit of an uproar because not only was it delayed, but 505 Games planned a roundabout way of charging its player base for the update. Soon after, an announcement was made that the 2019 hit would land on the Xbox Game Pass, perhaps as a way to smooth over any negative feelings toward the publisher. This wasn't the end to the saga, however.


Control's next-gen graphical update was announced for February. Now that it's here, you can play Control: Ultimate Edition for free courtesy of PlayStation Plus. This might seem like a good thing at first glance, however, many PlayStation fans are actually quite unhappy about this move, since a lot of gamers recently purchased the title during a sale in anticipation of its next-gen upgrade. 

Whether or not you're pleased with the business practices of 505 Games, Control is an excellent game worth checking out. Before you beat Control, you're going to want to gain access to the very helpful Shield ability. Here's how you unlock it.

Beat the clock

When you reach the "Directorial Override" mission, there is a document you need to secure called the "Home Safe Tests," which opens up the mission "A Good Defense." It is through this mission where you unlock shield.


Finish Directorial Override, then take the elevator to the maintenance sector, where you can access the training course. To enter the training area, you have to shoot hovering objects that glow red. From there, you must run through seven different rooms and complete specific objectives in each one under tight time restraints.

Blast the targets in the first two rooms, lift and throw orange boxes into their ports in the next two rooms. There's even more shooting and box manipulation in rooms five and six respectively, and then you must scale your way over a series rising walls in the final room. After you've completed this course, you will find your reward protected by a barrier of debris. Manipulate one of the floating objects into the barrier until it breaks, and then you can access the safe that contains the Shield/Insular upgrade.