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The Last Of Us 2 Area Gamers Were Never Supposed To Find

Classes during a zombie apocalypse? No way. 

Of course, fans never saw Ellie from The Last of Us going to grade school, but thanks to a recently uncovered glitch in The Last of Us 2, she gets to explore a hidden elementary school that players were never supposed to find. Even if you think you know everything about TLOU2 and what the game's ending means, you may be surprised to find there's more to discover.


In a helpful video by YouTuber Sawyer Loiselle, players can learn how to get into Eastbrook Elementary. After Ellie and Dina get away from the WLF during the Eastbrook Elementary chapter of TLOU2, a few basic maneuvers can lead Ellie back inside the school. Getting started just takes a few tactful jumps, including a "sprint-jump at an angle," which Loiselle warns "may take a few tries." Finally, take a cushioned jump onto the porch or trash can, depending upon how your day's going, and Ellie's ready for adventure. TLOU2 opinions may differ among critics and players alike, but gamers who find this glitch are likely to agree that it's totally out of this world.

Because gamers weren't meant to explore this particular area, expect a half-baked version of the game's usual physics. If you've already explored Ellie's slap-happy glitch in the original The Last of Us game, you know things are going to be a little different than normal. Loiselle recommends photo mode as a tool for getting around and seeing more of the secret school area. Without it, gamers will find an ethereal, overcast abyss that basically makes it look like Ellie is floating through the clouds in some kind of half-Earth, half-outer space realm.


As fun and floaty as the area is, you still have a few things to keep in mind to stay safe. Stay out of the street to avoid an immediate death, and watch out for holes you can fall into. Once you know those basics, exploring the area and seeing Ellie defy the laws of time and space through the simple magic of a glitch and photo mode is a nice break from fighting off Wolves.

If you liked visiting Eastbrook Elementary once, try again and don't restart at the checkpoint when WLF backup appears. You'll see parts of the school environment floating even without photo mode, like doors, guns, and car windows that you can blast through for target practice. It's not a traditional recess, that's for sure, but after years of slaying the infected and outrunning enemies, Ellie deserves to blow off some steam.