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Survey Reveals The One Soulsborne Game 45% Of People Would Play For The Rest Of Their Lives

FromSoftware really struck gold when it released Demon's Souls in 2009. The PS3 title was the first entry in what would be a series of spiritual successors. "Soulsborne games" are stellar RPG titles that are known for their dark atmosphere, detailed mythology, and rage-inducing difficulty. While the mainline Souls series focuses more on medieval settings and methodical gameplay, FromSoftware has taken this core and turned it on its head for games, including Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These two titles play quite differently from each other, with Bloodborne heavily emphasizing aggressive combat, and Sekiro focusing on stealth gameplay combined with swift kills. 


With these differences in gameplay, every entry in the Soulsborne series is going to have something that appeals to specific players. However, when SVG asked fans which Soulsborne entry they would want to play for the rest of their life, one title managed to stand out from the rest. The question was tough, but the title that spawned a complete trilogy claimed a majority of the votes.

Soulsborne fans can't get enough of Dark Souls

While the other titles put up a good fight, the people have spoken, and Dark Souls was the winner. The original Dark Souls claimed 45% of the votes in the survey, but the other options didn't do too shabby either. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice snagged 23%, Bloodborne earned 16%, other Soulsborne games like Dark Souls 1 and 2 (with the Nioh series being an honorable mention) took 10%. Finally, Demon's Souls grabbed 6% of the votes. 


Dark Souls was originally released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was later remastered and ported over to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game refined what its predecessor, Demon's Souls set out to do, while also bringing new mechanics to the table, such as the rechargeable Estus Flask and a limited magic system that upped the difficulty.