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Xbox Backward Compatibility Rumor Has Fans Talking

The latest gaming rumor that has everyone buzzing has to do with Xbox's Series X|S and its backwards compatibility functions. The issue of backwards compatibility with Xbox's newest offerings has been terribly confusing. Many fans might remember that Microsoft and Sony debated various backwards compatibility options before the Xbox X|S or PS5 systems released to the public, raising more questions than answers for fans. Now, a couple of tweets have been enough to send fans into a feverish debate over whether or not their older Xbox games are about to get a major upgrade on the Series X.

In late January, Jason Ronald, Xbox's director of project management, responded positively to a fan who asked if "backwards compatibility enhancements like 60 fps" would be added for older backward compatible games. However, Ronald didn't elaborate on when or how fans would see these upgrades.

Now, fans are expecting an upcoming announcement from Microsoft after tech-based YouTube personality ElAnalistaDeBits tweeted "On February 17, Xbox fans are going to have some very interesting content on the channel. I can't say more until that day. Thanks to Xbox for giving me early access so I can prepare my coverage in advance!" Though ElAnalistaDeBits deleted the tweet later, the cat was out of the bag, and fans had already begun to circulate the confidential information.

Some commenters on a Reddit thread that now houses the deleted tweet discussed ElAnalistaDeBits' disclosure. As pointed out by the original poster in the thread, many of ElAnalistaDeBits' videos are focused on comparing different versions of games, which suggests that the upcoming announcement could be related to backward compatibility and/or doubling the frame rates for older titles. This Redditor excitedly reminded everyone, "Xbox announced last year that they were working on a technique to double frame rates in BC games that were locked at 30 fps, without the need for any developer input." Perhaps ElAnalistaDeBits was teasing more info on this very subject.

Not everyone was pleased with ElAnalistaDeBits' half-announcement. One reader even called the leak "intentional." Another commenter asked, "How f***ing difficult is it to not tweet 'I've been given private access to something I can't tell you about! Thanks Xbox!'" No matter what ElAnalistaDeBits' intentions were in posting the original comments (which may or may not have violated an NDA), the possibility of improved frame rates has gamers excited to metaphorically dust off their old games again.

Only time will tell what this big announcement will be, and whether or not ElAnalistaDeBits is in trouble for blowing the lid off the whole thing.