This Is The Best Warzone MAC-10 Loadout For Black Ops Cold War Season 1

The first season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War/Warzone content is jam packed.

Along with a new Warzone map, a new look for the Gulag arena, and even more competitive multiplayer maps, Cold War has also thrown in additional firearms. Among those newly added guns is the miniature (yet still powerful) MAC-10 Submachine Gun. Players hoping to get their hands on this new SMG will need to reach Tier 15 on Cold War's Battle Pass.


The MAC-10 SMG's official stats make it super viable: it has an incredibly fast fire rate, quick reloading time, and high mobility. When the time comes for players to participate in a Warzone match, there's a recommended loadout for the weapon that's likely to nab you a victory. If you're looking to catch everyone else off guard during close-quarter combat encounters within Rebirth Island and Verdansk, then the following MAC-10 SMG loadout should become a part of your regular arsenal.

The best mods for the MAC-10's muzzle and barrel

Even though the MAC-10 is a top-tier secondary firearm, there's a list of attachments that make it even more of a go-to weapon for Call of Duty fans.

The first two pieces of this preferred loadout emphasize noise-canceling and a lack of recoil. Getting the jump on your enemy as silently as possible is a must. The best way to do that is by attaching the Agency Suppressor to the MAC-10's muzzle. This attachment comes with excellent sound suppression and damage range. Your MAC-10 will also be gifted with improved accuracy thanks to this add-on.


When it comes to altering the MAC-10's barrel, the best mod to equip is the 5.9" Task Force. It offers good damage and bullet velocity, plus it's effective at close range. Most importantly, you can expect little to no recoil with this attachment in tow.

More recommended attachments

The next three parts of the MAC-10 that need to be outfitted are its ammunition, rear grip, and stock.

For the ammunition portion of the MAC-10, it's best to go head into Warzone matches with the Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag. The Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag's positives come in the form of magazine ammo capacity, reload quickness, max starting ammo, and ammo capacity. Plus, it offers a slight boost in gun damage and control. The STANAG 53 Rnd Drum also works if you prefer to retain your aim down sight speed.


In the case of the MAC-10's rear grip, going with the Speed Tape is the most viable option. Its main attribute lies in the abbreviated amount of time it takes to aim down the sight. It also gives the MAC-10 a slight kick to its damage output and mobility stats. When it comes to the what stock attachment you should consider using, your best option is the Raider Stock. It gives you a substantial boost to the MAC-10's mobility stat and increases your movement speed while aiming.