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Tips For Using The Spitfire In Apex Legends Season 8

When it comes to selecting the perfect weapon in Apex Legends, the M600 Spitfire seemingly has everything. It's consistently ranked as one of the best weapons in the entire game, but that doesn't mean that old pros can't pick up new tricks now that Season 8 has released. Season 8 not only introduced the new legend Fuse, but it also changed the stats on several fan favorite weapons, including the Spitfire.


Patch notes for Season 8 indicated that the Spitfire received some improvements in the latest update. Bullet damage got a bump from 18 to 19, the reload speed was increased by almost a full second, and the empty reload speed increased as well.

This isn't the first time that Respawn has tinkered with one of the most beloved weapons in Apex Legends. A 2019 patch reduced the Spitfire's base damage from 20 to 18, essentially nerfing the powerful gun. No matter what changes come for the Spitfire, there are some tips and tricks players should know in order to maximize their effectiveness with the weapon.

Use the Spitfire, if it's what you're comfortable with

Ultimately, of course, players should use the weapons they're most comfortable with. YouTuber Frothy suggested that players should diversify their weapon expertise as much as possible, and calls the Spitfire "low C-tier, high D-tier" in comparison to other guns. Frothy also argued that because other guns are technically comparable to the Spitfire, players should consider a wide variety of weapons. He did, however, conclude that "your fun is not wrong," meaning players should ultimately play with whatever weapon they like best.


Chicken9Man had a completely different opinion on the Spitfire, and argued that it's the best gun in the game. Chicken9Man said that when players use the Spitfire, they must "adopt a different playstyle" that they might not be familiar with. One tip to consider is that firing up close and personal may be the best option, especially because other players might not expect the Spitfire to be the damage dealer that it is. Chicken9Man commented that hoarding ammo and holding down the fire button on the Spitfire is immensely satisfying.

Add-ons matter to the Spitfire

The Gaming Merchant argued that picking the right Legend is just as important as choosing the right loadout. The Gaming Merchant made an appeal for Rampart, who he said is one of the most overlooked Legends available now, and called the pairing of Rampart with the Spitfire "broken." He also commented on the efficiency of the Anvil Hop-Up, warning players to take notice of it as well.


On Reddit, one gamer suggested the purple ammo magazine as a must-have for the Spitfire, and explained that 55 rounds makes a huge difference in the gun's effectiveness (people tend to stay in the line of fire longer when they think you have fewer bullets to burn). A different user noted that the Spitfire is their go-to weapon, and that it works especially well in mid-range combat. Ultimately, they said, communication with teammates is the most important thing in any battle, and a group with good planning skills goes farther than any gun can.

In the end, every Apex Legends player will have a different skill set to help out their team, and that's okay. The Spitfire can ultimately adapt to your strategies.