This Is How To Summon The Elder In Valheim

Valheim, the new exploration-based action game from Iron Gate Studio, has arrived in Early Access on Steam. In just under two weeks, the title sold over 2 million copies, blowing everyone's expectations out of the water. The game's playerbase quickly overtook GTA 5, but players are still figuring out the game's secrets. Because Valheim is an open world game set in the world of the Vikings, the next steps might not be obvious. 


Players may be wondering how to summon The Elder, the second boss of Valheim. Don't worry; there's a clear-cut process to call upon and fight The Elder, and it's not as difficult as one might think. Thankfully, a few helpful players have stepped up to show the way.

Stonely on YouTube, who regularly posts video walkthroughs, has clearly explained how to first find, then summon The Elder. Stonely suggests nailing down the location of The Elder first by going to a burial ground in the Black Forest. In the burial ground, there's a red rune that glows ominously. When investigated, the rune marks The Elder's location on players' maps. A quick glance is enough to register the location, making it easy to find later. Now the real work begins.


How do I summon The Elder?

After marking the location on the map, players must obtain three ancient seeds. Stonely suggests defeating gray dwarf shamans and gray dwarf brutes, who frequently drop the special seeds.

Another YouTuber, Cheffa, provides a more detailed look at the summoning spot. Players can summon The Elder by throwing three ancient seeds into a fire between four stone pillars. It'll be clear that it's the right spot, thanks of a giant red rune that ominously reads "burn their young." Tossing the ancient seeds into the fire will summon The Elder, acting as a sacrifice. Then, The Elder will spawn near the sacrificial altar, ready for a confrontation.


As for strategy, Cheffa recommends coming to the battle armed with fire arrows and hiding behind the stone pillars when not actively shooting. The battle with The Elder requires time and patience over brute strength, so it's important to conserve health in order to outlast the tree-shaped beast.

Valheim might be headed to the upper echelons of stream popularity along with another familiar survival game, Rust, which has become famous after streamers began playing it frequently. Hopefully Valheim, much like Rust, will also make its way to consoles sometime in the future.