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Nearly 1-In-4 People Think They Could Beat This Twitch Streamer In Fornite

Fortnite's popularity is unparalleled. Epic Games' battle royale game has taken the world by storm and still thrives thanks to regular updates from Epic Games. For such a monumental game, it comes as no surprise that some of the biggest streamers play it on a regular basis. An avid community of fans regularly check in to watch said streamers attempt to be the last man/woman/robot standing after an intense Fortnite match. Because of this, there's also a healthy amount of competition among fans of Fortnite.


SVG presented an interesting question to its readers regarding the topic of Fortnite streamers: which popular streamer do you think you could beat in Fortnite? 618 confident respondents checked in to name which streamers they think they have a shot at taking down.

Five of the biggest pro Fortnite players/streamers in the world ended up on the list, to no one's surprise. Arguably the most recognizable of them all took the top spot. 

Turns out a lot of gamers think they have the Fortnite skills needed to defeat Ninja

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins sat the top of SVG's survey, earning 24.42% of the total vote.

Ninja is a major force within the world of Fortnite: he has his very own Fortnite avatar skin and tends to regularly voice his opinion on the game. In the past, Ninja has publicly weighed in on Fortnite's controversial player bans and content updates. Judging by SVG's survey results, it seems like a whole lot of players think they're a better Fortnite player that a streamer who has become nearly synonymous with the game itself.


As for the other names that popped up on the survey as responses, they included Dr Disrespect (21.52%), DrLupo (13.43%), SypherPK (11.97%), and TSM Myth (6.15%). The survey's "Other" (22.49%) category allowed respondents to fill in their own answers, and it got interesting, to say the least. One commenter wrote that Fortnite was strictly "for kids," while another bold response noted that "game players need to get a life." 

Lastly, one of the survey participants admitted that they'd never played Fortnite and probably couldn't beat any of the streamers listed. Honesty is key.