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Ninja Breaks His Silence On New Fortnite Season

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 3 has finally launched and brought some interesting changes with it. New weapons, new maps, and a slew of new strategies for are available for players to try to outlast one another in battle royale combat. Also, Aquaman is there, so you can do with that what you will.


One of the most vocal people regarding the new season's content has been Ninja, who has already expressed his excitement for it on two different occasions. 

In fact, Ninja was so hype about starting the new season that he apparently got an early jump on things. In a tweet posted at 3:15 AM yesterday morning, Ninja wrote, "Have not felt this way about Fortnite in awhile. New shotgun adds an entirely different mechanic to fights/build fights since you can charge it. Much more healing items everywhere. Hunting rifle back?! ERRRMAGERd."

In other words, it appears as though Ninja considered the new season well worth losing sleep over. Ninja expressed more of his feelings surrounding the new season of Fortnite in a video posted to Twitter. In this clip, he referred to the new season as "super dope." He had a few things in particular that he was most interested in. He said, "New loot pool? Very interesting. New shotgun? Fun as hell to use when you charge it up."


The new Charge Shotgun has actually been one of the most divisive additions to the new season of Fortnite. Pro player Aydan went so far as to refer to it as "The most USELESS gun in Fortnite history." However, Ninja has maintained that it provides new strategies for players and can deal massive damage if used properly. 

Others have been openly critical of the new map that came with the new season. Still, others are enjoying some of the new features, like the addition of vehicles that can be driven around the map. In other words, the responses have been rather mixed. 

To this point, Ninja encourages people to reach out to Epic about their problems. As he says in the video about the new season, "I hope Epic's listening." 

Of course, given Ninja's close relationship with Epic Games, some people in the replies seem to think that he's just trying to stay in their good graces by buttering up the new season. However, anyone who has been following Ninja's criticisms over the last few months will know that he has expressed some serious issues with the game. 

In fact, he has been openly critical of how the game's aim assist features can be used to pick off other players with ease. He compared using a controller with 100 percent aim assist to hacking the game and using an aimbot. A few months back, Ninja went so far as to imply that people accused of using aimbot, like FaZe Jarvis, shouldn't have their accounts banned if Epic was doing essentially the same thing with its Henchman characters in Fortnite, which have insanely good aim.


Ninja is of course invested in the long term success of Fortnite as a property. Not only has it been his go-to game for years at this point, but a new season of Fortnite will offer some interesting changes for Ninja's own content. It will reinvigorate his regular livestream in some ways, but it should also provide some interesting new energy to Ninja's new Mixer series, Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite.

Ninja Battles features multiple teams around the world competing against one another in Fortnite matches. The series has only been going since last month, so that means that the game has already changed, literally. In fact, Ninja expressed his excitement for this very thing in a video he posted just last week

Following last Thursday's episode of Ninja Battles, he thanked all of the teams for participating and congratulating the winners. He also mentioned how the new season would shake things up a bit, which was clearly very exciting for him. Also, much like in this week's video, he encouraged his fellow Fortnite players and viewers to be respectful when sharing their opinions on the new season and the game as a whole.

This last point was probably more of a response to the fact that Ninja already had to ban a player from future Ninja Battles events for using foul language. However, it also seems to show that Ninja is attempting to turn over a new leaf when it comes to how he approaches sportsmanlike conduct.


Overall, it appears as though the new season of Fortnite is exactly what Ninja had hoped for. It will be interesting to see if that opinion changes any in the coming months, especially if Epic Games continues to make unannounced updates and tweaks like they've been doing lately.