Game Controllers That Were Sacrificed On Livestream

Whether they just can't defeat that Dark Souls boss or you completely whiff a shot in FIFA, gamers across genres have experienced a rage quit or two. For some players, this can result in hasty actions that lead to broken controllers. Of course, it's worth remembering that some games are far more rage-inducing than others. It's hard to get mad when you're playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons (though not impossible), but watching your teammate run into a group of enemies only to die in League of Legends can be tilting to anyone. Other games can have glitches that can be frustrating for players, which can also ultimately lead to a broken controller. 


When it comes to gaming streamers, it's not uncommon for theatrics or over-the-top behavior to come out. Even calm streamers can have some more intense moments. For one reason or another, these controllers (among other accessories) were all sacrificed on livestream by players.

(Beware of some strong language in the following clips.)

Fall Guys and Castro1021

Some games can feel unfair, or "rigged," as Castro1021 claimed during a Fall Guys stream. That's one of the more frustrating things that you can experience as a player, and Castro1021 showed that annoyance physically. After getting pinned down and eliminated, a Scuf controller and a headset met their end as Castro1021 went into a fit of rage. 


Castro1021 doesn't shy away from his reactions during his streams. In fact, he has a camera set up directly behind him, which gives viewers a great view for these intense moments. In the clip of his Fall Guys blow-up, viewers can see the bits of the broken headset on the ground, courtesy of that back camera.

Nowadays, Castro1021 can be found streaming FIFA 21 on his Twitch channel. He doesn't have a set schedule for his streams, but you can follow him and try to catch him when he's online — just don't expect to see much Fall Guys content.

GoldGloveTV, Gears of War, and Controller Smashing

Sometimes adrenaline can just be overwhelming, especially when you're about to come out victorious in an online match. For GoldGloveTV, the adrenaline took over after walking into a group of enemies and almost snatching the win. In a fit of rage, viewers got to see GoldGloveTV throw his controller straight into his desk, rip off his headset, and leave his setup. His friends laughed, and GoldGloveTV himself later found it funny enough to recreate a Mario sound bite with the sound of his controller hitting his desk


Despite the intense controller smashing and GoldGloveTV's rage quit, he and his friends still took the win. In fact, the victory actually happened less than five seconds after GoldGloveTV's death, which probably factored into why he was so frustrated. This video is a few years old, but GoldGloveTV is still streaming games today, creating content out of everything from NBA 2K to Surgeon Simulator.

LosPollosTV and NBA 2K

Sports games can bring out some of the most heightened attitudes in gamers, and LosPollosTV is no exception. When your NBA 2K player misses a shot that it seems like they should've made, and it gets followed up by your opponent making a shot they probably shouldn't have made, it's enough to make anyone rage. That's exactly what happened, and LosPollosTV quickly introduced his controller to his desk. In fact, the controller barely made it this far into the stream, since LosPollosTV had already smacked the controller around prior to this moment.


The worst part is that all the commotion also led to him breaking the tripod holding his streaming camera. The stream had multiple issues after that point. At the end of the clip, he started lagging and had issues with his audio. Despite this, the streamer ended up laughing, and most of the tension from the previous game seemed to have disappeared.

Madden meltdown with FlightReacts

You know that a gamer is really throwing a fit when an entire streaming setup is destroyed, controller and all. That's what happened when FlightReacts experienced a moment of rage while streaming Madden.


In a clip of this fateful stream, the tension mounts for a while before a missed throw ended up being the last straw. After a throw from FlightReact's quarterback throw didn't connect, he slammed his controller down. This caused his television to fall, and those watching could see him quickly scramble to get everything back under control. While attempting to reassemble his setup, FlightReacts explained that the stand fell out of place. After a few choice comments for EA Sports, FlightReacts resumed his stream.

Fans (or maybe trolls) remarked that the CPU was playing better than he was and told him to just leave it. Regardless, he came back to win the game in the last quarter.