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The Real Reason Shroud Rage Quit Warzone

Shroud recently made his triumphant return to streaming on Twitch, bringing in greater viewership numbers than he ever had on Mixer. Unfortunately for Shroud and his many viewers, a recent round of Call of Duty: Warzone seems to have put the streamer off of playing the battle royale game for quite some time. While Shroud didn't have a full-on meltdown during a stream, he seemed to have had a pretty good reason for rage quitting, in this instance.


In a clip from the stream, Shroud can be seen coming to the realization that someone is cheating in the game. It doesn't happen right away, however. In fact, the most frustrating thing about it may be that Shroud was genuinely impressed by his opponent's skills, at first. As Shroud made his way past the Superstore on the map, he is suddenly taken out by a rain of gunfire that seems to come from out of nowhere. Shroud laughed at this, remarking that he didn't even see his opponent before they took him out. Then he sat back for a moment as the enemy's Killcam began showing the victory.

The Killcam showed Shroud and his viewers the killer's POV, which showed them seemingly taking Shroud out from several yards away while barely looking down the sights of their gun. Shroud laughed again, shouting, "Holy s—t, this guy is a god! Can I watch that guy? ... I wanna watch that guy ... This guy's incredible."


Shroud switched to spectator mode to watch the player who defeated him continue on through the match. It quickly became clear why the player was such a good shot — they were clearly hacking the game somehow. Shroud watched as the player fired upon enemies that were behind cover, but somehow kept landing kill shots. One person was literally standing behind a railing at the very top of a building and they were still taken out by gunfire.

"Oh, never mind," said Shroud. "He's f—king cheating! I'm done." And with that, Shroud closed the game. He repeated to his chat, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm done. I'm sorry ... I can't, I tried."

It's obvious that Shroud is completely fed up with the rampant cheating within the game, and he's not the only one. The expression on his face as he goes from genuine admiration to disappointment and anger must look terribly familiar to players who have been struggling with Warzone in recent months.

In fact, the cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone only appears to be getting worse as time rolls on. Players have reported seeing multiple opponents using auto-aim software while streaming, and yet many of these cheaters have gone unpunished. Not only that, but the mods that are being used by these cheaters don't appear to have been patched out in any meaningful way. The same kind of aiming software can still be seen in use by many Warzone players, as shown in the clip of Shroud's stream.


Infinity Ward has warned players that cheating will not be tolerated and has stated that thousands of accounts have already been banned for that behavior. The developer also issued a statement specifically telling players not to use "unauthorized third party software" to manipulate the game in any way. Infinity Ward has even threatened to put hackers in their own "cheaters-only" lobby. Overall, however, Infinity Ward's response to the cheating problems has been heavily criticized by the Call of Duty community. 

Warzone isn't the only game that has recently become a hive of hackers and unscrupulous modders. People have been getting creative about cheating in Grand Theft Auto Online for quite some time now, but it recently got even worse when the Epic Games Store made GTA 5 free for a limited time. Luckily a lot of those hacking issues have since been patched, but Rockstar's other multiplayer game, Red Dead Online, is another story entirely. Several streamers have recently reported that hackers are pulling them into private lobbies and using their characters to kill other players, in effect framing innocent accounts for the cheats being used. There seems to be no word yet on how Rockstar will be combating this latest round of hacks, but hopefully a fix is in the works.


As for Warzone, Infinity Ward may want to step in quickly to resolve the ongoing hacking issues. Cheaters and hackers only appear be getting more brazen in their tactics. At this point, Shroud has rage quit the game, much like Dr Disrespect did before him. At this rate, Call of Duty: Warzone may quickly run out of streamers willing to put up with its many issues.