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How Long Is The Outriders Demo And Will Progress Transfer To The Full Game?

The highly-anticipated release of Outriders is quickly approaching. For gamers who are hype to finally try out People Can Fly's latest action-fest, a demo is dropping on Feb. 25. And while many demos have a rather limited scope, People Can Fly has elected to give fans a more substantial sneak peek at what awaits them when the full Outriders experience launches on April 1, 2021.


As Outriders Creative Director Bartek Kmita explained to Windows Central, players wouldn't necessarily get a full picture of what the game has to offer if the demo was too brief or began in the middle of the action. This makes sense, considering what People Can Fly has revealed about the game's scope. While Outriders is not an open world title, there is still a lot to do and many locations to explore. 

Kmita said, "We wanted to show some basic things about our game, and we realized that to show it, we need to slowly drag the new players into it, and it has to be two hours of the game."

Hang on, the Outriders demo is HOW long?

That's right; the Outriders demo will provide at least a few hours of gameplay for interested customers. Kmita told Windows Central, "Maybe for some games it sounds like 2-3 hours of gameplay is a huge chunk, but for our game, it's a really really small part of it."


The demo for Outriders will include the opening missions of the game, allowing players to blast their way through the beginning hours of the post-apocalyptic storyline. While the demo will cap players at level 7 and not all of the side missions will be available, you can play through the demo as many times as you want, trying out the various character classes and getting a feel for their wildly different abilities. 

Best of all, your saved progress in the demo will transfer over to the full game when it is released. Players who upgrade consoles are included in this as well, meaning you could play the first few hours of the game on PS4 and then complete the story on the PS5.