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The Best Part Of The Sony State Of Play Might Surprise You

With Sony's latest State of Play now in the books, PlayStation fans have quite a few new things to talk about. The stream offered fresh looks at games like Oddworld: SoulstormKena: Bridge of Spirits and Returnal. New PS5 versions of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and Final Fantasy 7 Remake also got some airtime. But there's one very specific aspect of the State of Play that has people talking. It's related to the time-bending shooter Deathloop, but surprisingly, the hype isn't around the game itself.


Instead, people really seem to be digging the song featured in the game's trailer.

Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat wrote of the stream, "Honestly, worth it for Kena and that Deathloop song alone." GameSpot's Lucy James echoed that sentiment, tweeting, "okay but is this Deathloop song on Spotify yet or...?"

A horde of others gamers also shared thoughts about the Deathloop footage, but more often than not, they revolved around the track playing as the action unfolded. "Best part of that stream was the deathloop song lol how good was that," Twitter user @Donniewahlbrgr exclaimed. "I wasn't expecting much," @Zikkeboi tweeted. "Mainly hoped to see Kena, Bridge of Spirits (which we got) and Rift Apart. It had a lot of cool and varied stuff, but not a lot I'm currently interested in." They added afterward, "BUT THAT DEATHLOOP SONG THO!"


Based on the Twitter sentiment, it appears the gaming community has already crowned "the Deathloop song" as a certified bop. But like so many, you may be wondering: what is the song called, exactly? And who sings it? After all, in order to endlessly search your favorite streaming music app for it, you need to know those details. Fortunately, it appears some investigative progress has been made on this front.

According to @LeonHurley of GamesRadar, "It's called 'Déjà Vu' by Sencit feat. FJØRA and will 'be coming to streaming platforms soon' according to Bethesda." So you may not be able to find and play the song just yet, but until the track is released as a single, you can at least rewind and play the Deathloop trailer over and over again. That would be kind of fitting, right?

By the looks of it, Deathloop is still on track to hit its May 21, 2021 release date. You'll be able to pick it up on both PC and PlayStation 5 (where it has timed console exclusivity) when that date arrives.