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This Extremely Annoying Xbox Change Has Now Been Rolled Back

Xbox Series X gamers are jumping for joy, thanks to Xbox recently removing a super irritating new feature that backfired with long-term fans. If you've been one of many fooled by the new Xbox Assist menu placement, you won't have to worry about selecting it by accident ever again.


Before the tweak that players are celebrating, Xbox Assist was added to the bottom of the game options dashboard menu. No big deal, right? Well, it may not have been more than a minor inconvenience, but gamers found it super frustrating. Basically, the placement of Xbox Assist on the menu led to countless players accidentally selecting it because they were so used to hitting RT to quit or access game management functions. Post-update, Xbox Assist is still available, but players will have to press down on their joysticks or d-pads one more time to get to it.

Redditor ishaansaral posted to celebrate the change, writing, "They finally fixed the annoying Xbox assist thing in this menu! Try using RT and it will stop before it now." It turns out, the Xbox team took player complaints about the tweak to heart. GamesRadar confirmed that Redditor Workwombat, who commented in response, "we listened to your feedback" is a "verified Xbox staff member from the Xbox Insider Reddit."


While some players weren't aware of the issue or bothered by it, plenty were thrilled to discover this fix. Redditor VatchTheKid commented, "Finally. Yesterday I went Into Xbox assist 15 times." Another Reddit user, bamboobam, appreciated the Xbox team's connection to gamers' concerns. "Do you know what I love about this?" they wrote. "It shows they listen, and that's great!"

Speaking of console and controller issues, Xbox hasn't been a stranger to technical difficulties as of late. When the Xbox Series X was released, some players couldn't log onto Xbox Live. Some players are still having trouble with controller disconnects, too. And then there is that class-action lawsuit over stick drift Microsoft is presumably still dealing with, though it's worth noting that the Xbox brand isn't alone in that department. Both Sony and Nintendo have had to deal with legal issues due to PS5 controller drift and Switch Joy-Con drift, respectively.

Despite the rocky patches, however, Microsoft has seemingly been communicative with fans and committed to solving issues that arise. Should more pop up, Xbox fans on Reddit will undoubtedly post about them in order to spur the company into action.