31% Of People Consider This Classic Console To Have The Best Controller

Which classic console had the best controller? SVG surveyed 618 U.S. gamers to find the answer, and the results crowned a clear winner out of the six available choices: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, Nintendo 64, or "Other." 


With nearly a third of the vote, 31% to be exact, the PlayStation 2 controller took the cake. While PlayStation controllers have certainly evolved over the years, much has also stayed the same. Though the classic PS2 controller doesn't have adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and other next-gen features that make the PS5 DualSense controller so unique, its general setup is actually pretty similar. Rather than fix what isn't broken, Sony has instead added onto the classic controller with each console generation. The design of the DualShock/DualSense through the years is just another example of how the PlayStation brand has transformed over the years.

Plus, the classic controller comes with a sense of nostalgia that brings players back to the days before super-annoying DualSense drift issues.


Middle of the road

Though the PS2 controller reigned supreme, some gamers had different opinions. The next most popular classic controller was the Super Nintendo controller, which received 19.6% of the vote.

Behind that, the original Xbox controller got 15.7% of the vote. Like PS controllers over the years, Xbox controllers have evolved in interesting ways, but the basic structure remains the same. Perhaps this speaks to a preference for PS over Xbox controllers, which Microsoft has seemingly acknowledged in the past.


The Nintendo 64 controller was close behind with 15.2% of the vote. It's unlike any modern controller with its three-pronged look, so perhaps the uniqueness combined with fond memories of classic N64 games was enough to help this throwback favorite stand against the other consoles.

Bringing up the rear, the Sega Genesis controller was the favorite for only 10.2% of players. Despite its slight resemblance to the SNES controller, it doesn't seem to hold as much weight or relevance today for some gamers.

Last but not least

With the very least votes, "Other" was selected by 8.25% of players surveyed. While most of the write-in answers were along the lines of "N/A" or "I don't know," there were a few interesting picks among the mix. Four gamers favored the GameCube controller, while two others went super retro with the controls from Pac-Man and Space Invaders' arcade cabinets as their picks. Two participants chose Xbox 360, and while it is more recent than the consoles players had to choose from, it shows a bit of Xbox love.


And there you have it. Whether you agree with those surveyed that the PS2 has the best classic controller of all, or if these results pushed your buttons, now you have an idea of which controllers have stood the test of time. It may be interesting to check back in a few years and see how the DualSense and Series X|S controllers are holding up for gamers.