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This Is How Bravely Default 2's Boat Exploration Works

Bravely Default 2 is finally out, and there is quite a lot to explore in the continent of Excillant. As you make your way through the game's 60+ hour runtime, you'll quickly learn that one of the best (and easiest) ways to collect loot is to use a boat to seek it out for you. 


First off, you'll have to find and unlock the boat. Luckily for you, this part is also pretty simple. Toward the very beginning of the game, in the town of Halcyonia, the player will help an old lady retrieve her boat and rescue her from some monstrous attackers. As a thank you, the old lady will announce that she has a gift for Seth, the main protagonist. 

After following her down to the beach in a cutscene, the old lady will give Seth her boat as a gift. This gesture will then open up a whole new world of possibilities for the player. Here's what you can do after you get a boat of your very own.

It's time to set sail for loot

After the boat is unlocked, the old lady will be available near the docks in every major city in Excillant. All the player has to do is go up to her and choose "Start Exploring" option. The old lady will send the boat out to search for supplies. After 12 hours (which is measured in real time, even when your Switch is in Sleep Mode), the boat will return to shore with tons of goodies, including usable items and experience boosts. Just go to the old lady when the boat returns to collect your treasure.


Screen Rant recommends that you leave your Switch connected to the internet, as that will allow the game to connect with other Bravely Default explorers. This enables your boat more opportunities to collect rare loot. That's right; setting sale and switching your console to Sleep Mode might be your best bet at snagging some JP orbs to level up your party's Job-specific abilities