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What's Inside Warzone's Silos And Where Do You Find Them?

Not only are Call of Duty players getting a number of new Black Ops Cold War Operators, but the silos have finally opened in the latest season of Warzone. If you are hoping to snag enough ammunition and armor to keep yourself out of the Gulag, these three silos have become the hottest new spots in Verdansk. All you need to know is where to look.


Luckily for players who are jonesing for some decent loot, these silos are not that hard to find. Not only are they sizable pieces of the landscape, but as the official Call of Duty blog points out, each of them are located near a historical monument: "the Jarvdinsk Spomenik above the Arklov Peak Military Base, the Zoszni Spomenik southeast of the Novi Grazna Hills, and the Styor Spomenik in Tavorsk Park."

The blog also states that players may want to plan their drops around these silos, since many of the previously-available bunkers and underground facilities are now under strict lockdown protocols.

Where are the silos located?

Thankfully, Dexerto has provided quick gameplay clips that will show players precisely where to locate the silos. One of them can be found to the south of the Military Base, while another is below Promenade West. These can both be dropped into from above, which make them perfect starting points in a new match. The third silo is found at the end of a hallway in Bunker 10.


Keep in mind, just because you've managed to find one of these silos does not mean that you're completely in the clear. Now you have to find your way back out. These silos are massive, filled with winding staircases and plenty of side rooms and antechambers. Just stay cool, stock up, and then retrace your steps. Soon enough, you'll be able to rejoin the battle with all of your new loot.

Also, make sure you don't stay in a silo too long. As pointed out by Charlie INTEL, the nerve gas that ends each Warzone round can still reach you, even if you're hiding out below ground.