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This New Halo 3 Feature Might Seem Familiar To Fortnite Players

Halo 3 is getting some interesting, albeit unexpected, updates. According to the most recent Canon Fodder blog post on the official Halo website, players will be given the option to add a "back attachment" when customizing their Spartans. The updates also include new maps, which will be available in Season 6 of the Master Chief Collection, scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 2.


The new back attachments bear some similarity to Fortnite's Back Bling cosmetics, though Fortnite players have a much bigger lineup to choose from. The back attachments are only for "cosmetic customization," according to the blog post, but they still add some cool details to Halo 3's appearance options.

343 Industries shared images of some of the back attachments to get players properly hyped. The selection includes the nondescript Tactical Pack, the explosive-laden Demolitions Pack, the radio specialist's Communications Pack, and the Ammunition Pack that comes complete with a beefy looking machete. Additionally, there are two other back attachments: the Sword and Board based on the Halo Legendary difficulty symbol and the Pulaski, which looks like a firefighter's ax. You can take a peek at all of the back attachments unveiled so far in UberNick's YouTube video during the Season 6 beta test.


The back accessories aren't the only new customization options coming to Halo 3. Players will also get to add additional gear from the ODST armory. Halo 3 players were already able to customize their Spartans with ODST helmet variants, but those options are being expanded with the addition of ODST gear from Fireteam Ravenan arcade shooter set in the same timeframe as the first title in the Halo series. Players will also eventually be able to unlock additional Spartan customization options based on some highly advanced-looking prototype technology forged in Anvil Station.

The Master Chief Collection updates will include two new maps for Halo 3 as well: Waterfall — which was teased earlier this month — and Edge. Both new maps were originally included in Halo Online, a canceled free-to-play game available in Russia that was tested in 2015.

The Waterfall map is based on a UNSC facility on a remote and frozen planet in the Zezar system. The facility was one of a network that acted as a rally point in the event of a retreat during the final years of the Covenant War. Additionally, "the UNSC has taken great interest in what might lie beneath the planet's icy surface, as well as peculiar findings on its two prominent moons," according to Canon Fodder.


The Edge map serves as a "data archival" site on Partition, a remote Forerunner world. "Surrounded by breathtaking vistas and jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna, Partition represents a remarkable opportunity for study, with hopes that the knowledge gleaned might represent a paradigm shift in humanity's understanding of the Forerunners' technological legacy," Canon Fodder said.

It seems Halo 3 players have a lot to look forward to, including the release of two new illuminating novels set in the Halo universe. Whether you're in it for the sweet loot drops or ever-expanding lore, there's something for you on the way.