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Does Watch Dogs: Legion Online Continue The Story Of The Main Game?

Watch Dogs: Legion Online finally arrives on March 9, 2021, bringing with it multiple gameplay modes and new ways to cause a ruckus in futuristic London. Players who already own Watch Dogs: Legion may know that they will get the Online component for free, but there are probably at least a few questions surrounding the narrative of the new update. 


You may be wondering whether or not Watch Dogs: Legion Online will actually provide any major story updates. After all, Online arrives nearly five full moths after the release of the base game.

Well, according to Polygon's Owen S. Good, Watch Dogs: Legion Online's early missions don't really carry forward the main campaign's story in any major way. In fact, the mechanics of these missions are apparently far more focused on gunplay than the hacking that dominates much of the franchise.

"For those looking to Watch Dogs: Legion Online as the game's first narrative expansion, there isn't much of that," writes Good. "There is a story-extending series of five cooperative missions, but nearly all of them break down to a guns-blazing shootout, with little of Watch Dogs' blend of stealth and technological trickery."


Legion Online doesn't have much story, but it should tide you over

For fans who are disappointed to learn that Legion Online doesn't continue the base game's storyline, there's some good news. Legion Online includes a variety of multiplayer modes that will hopefully keep fans from getting bored. Even so, Good's review concluded with the feeling that Legion Online's additions feel like an "appetizer" for the real story expansions that are meant to be on their way. Characters from previous Watch Dogs games will be returning to the franchise with the release of the upcoming DLC, Bloodline


Aiden Pearce and Wrench, the protagonists from Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 respectively, will become playable characters with the launch of Bloodline. In a move befitting the futuristic setting of Watch Dogs: Legion, both characters are portrayed as having aged up a bit since their previous appearances. They will be joined by Mina, a character with control powers, and Darcy, "a member of the Assassin Order" — making Bloodline something of a crossover with the Assassin's Creed franchise.

There's no word yet on exactly when Bloodline will release, but it was originally announced as arriving after Legion Online. In other words, it should be just around the corner.