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How This Warzone Player Made The Game Give Up

While most Warzone players experiment with technique or load-outs, Scottish content creator MarleyThirteen experiments with just how far he can push the game and its servers. MarleyThirteen and 149 of his Facebook followers have, in a series of private Warzone matches, tried to break the game however they can since Feb. 19. So far, they've had a pretty successful run.


On Wednesday, March 3, MarleyThirteen crammed all 150 players in a match into a single space. The video is a good reminder of what being crammed into a dark, sweaty music venue with one too many people is like (just in case you've missed that feeling since the pandemic started). Shortly after, MarleyThirteen and the gang tossed all of their weapons and items into one giant pile on a bridge, bringing the game to 70 FPS.

In the previous video, MarleyThirteen and the other players made Warzone give up entirely after they rounded up every single vehicle on the map, brought them all into a single spot, and destroyed them at the same time. MarleyThirteen himself led a group of players to do as many recon contracts as possible to alert the players and his audience where "ground zero" would be.


"The rest of the lobby would be tasked with gathering every up vehicle they could find and driving it to the agreed destination, all the while looting as much cash as they could so they may purchase a cluster strike, and I'm sure you can see where this is going," MarleyThirteen said. "The plan is to drop as many cluster strikes as possible on the pile of vehicles all at once to see if we could break the game."

It took a couple of different tries after some accidental detonations, but eventually the group corralled all of the vehicles into one spot and rained the bombs down, resulting in a "Server snapshot error," much to MarleyThirteen's delight.

"In layman's terms that snapshot error was basically the game failing to load so much sh*t happening at once. All the cluster strikes and exploding cars tipped the server over the edge and collapsed in on itself, creating a supermassive black hole," he said, admitting he might have gotten a bit carried away.

MarleyThirteen and his crew have coordinated similar attacks on the Warzone servers, looting all of the game's cash or calling simultaneous load-out drops. Feb. 25 marked the release of Season 2 for Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War, introducing new weapons and new operators. Who knows what other shenanigans MarleyThirteen will get up to as the season progresses.