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The Times Corpse Husband Almost Blew His Cover

Life isn't easy for the enigmatic YouTuber known as Corpse Husband. He's transformed from a niche reader of spooky tales into a pop culture sensation, and though good things have come from his fame, it's also made keeping his identity hidden a lot more challenging. Corpse isn't quite ready to reveal who he is just yet, and as such, it shouldn't surprise anyone that one of his biggest fears is being found out. There are a few instances where he's nearly slipped up, though, and had that veil of anonymity town down for all the world to see.


Corpse recounted one of these episodes during a 2017 question-and-answer livestream. When someone asked if he'd ever been recognized in public, he responded, "Sort of. Not entirely." He went on to tell a story about how someone had asked him if he was in a certain place at a certain time, because they'd heard a voice that sounded like Corpse Husband's. The YouTuber revealed that he was indeed there, but no confrontation ever took place. "They didn't come up to me or anything, so it wasn't like, 'Oh my God, I know who you are' sort of thing," he said.

Another close call, however, had the potential to be the Corpse Husband reveal so many fans are eager for.

During a stream in November 2020, Corpse offered some insight into his life as an anonymous YouTuber. "I still get up, and I just go to my computer," he said, adding, "I, like, I don't go outside, as I'm sure a lot of you know that." After that, however, Corpse made a startling revelation: one he seemed hesitant at first to share publicly.


"I did get recognized for my voice in person the other day," he said. "At a f—ing drive-through. I won't say any more than that, but it was scary."

The good news for Corpse Husband, at least, is that his fans either have bad memories or have chosen to respect his wishes. Despite these two near misses, the YouTuber's identity has remained a secret, allowing him to keep that slim barrier between real life and internet life intact. Corpse Husband has talked in the past about why he never shows himself, even though he feels such a move will "inevitably" happen someday. For now, though, Corpse is still very much an online phantom — a man with a very recognizable voice, but one without a face to match it with.