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Hollow Knight Endings Explained

Hollow Knight: Silksong is a sequel that puts fans in control of a new protagonist named Hornet. With a new character, gamers can expect combat that is different from the first game, creating a fresh, yet familiar experience. If you are anxious to get your hands on Hollow Knight: Silksong, there are plenty of games you could play while you wait. If nothing else satisfies the itch, perhaps it's time to revisit the first Hollow Knight. It would be a good way to prepare for the sequel, which may be closer to release than you thought.


If you've played Hollow Knight before, you may not have seen all of its endings. In that case, you might want to know more about them should you embark on a new playthrough. If somehow, you managed to miss one of 2017's best games, it's not too late, though you may want to avoid the spoilers ahead. This is what you need to know about the different endings in Hollow Knight.

The easiest ending in Hollow Knight

If you're the kind of person who likes to take the most direct route to your destination, "The Hollow Knight ending" is more than likely the end sequence you have or will encounter. It is also deemed "the worst ending" by Hold to Reset. According to the website's guide, if you get this ending, you have only completed a small portion of the game.


After you vanquish the Hollow Knight, you take on the mantle and are encased within the Black Egg. In this scenario, the Infection lives on, which may leave the player feeling a bit "hollow." 

Naturally, those who enjoy this Metroidvania will likely be motivated to forge ahead after beating the game, which can unlock different possible outcomes. You'll still want to be careful, as this is not the only bad ending you might see in Hollow Knight. If you're a completionist, however, experiencing both "bad" endings may not necessarily be such a bad thing.

Hollow Knight's true bad ending

In the video for The Hollow Knight ending, the description says that The Sealed Siblings ending is only slightly different. So what exactly sets these two apart from each other? The key difference is in acquiring the Void Heart. With the Void Heart, you will open up all the other endings. Of course, another important distinction is that Hornet joins you in battle, where she will ultimately lie defeated as you become the new Hollow Knight. 


While it's true this is nearly identical, it's still a heavier ending, as you wind up dragging another being along with you after accepting your somber fate. A user on Reddit argued that this truly is a worse outcome, as possessing the Void Heart implies you are not a fully empty vessel. The user also suggested that Hornet's imprisonment within the temple ensures that the Infection, or the game's antagonist, will thrive. Even though the post inspired a bit of discussion, the fact remains that at the very least, Hornet isn't trapped with you in The Hollow Knight ending, meaning it could be slightly better than that of The Sealed Siblings.

The ending where Hollow Knight will dream no more

Known as the "Dream No More" ending, this is the ideal outcome that represents true success. To get the game's good ending, you must find the Kingsoul in addition to the Void Heart. You also need to have the Awoken Dream Nail, which is available after tallying 1800 Essence. Naturally, this ending requires a little more work and dedication on your part, but the reward is worth it.


Just like in the Sealed Siblings ending, Hornet will appear during the conflict. At that point, you must quickly strike with the Awoken Dream Nail so that you can take on the ultimate boss — The Radiance. Fighting The Radiance is the only way to truly free the Hallownest from The Infection. Hornet rises and the Shades disappear, resulting in this game's version of happily ever after.

A user on Steam was puzzled over this ending, believing the bad endings were more logical. Another user summarized a lot of theories and discussions by explaining how the protagonist was the Pale King's creation as a means of controlling the deadly infection that plagued their land. In this ending, the hero summons all Void creatures to eliminate The Radiance once and for all.


Hollow Knight DLC brings even more endings

Beating Hollow Knight doesn't mean you're finished. There are three endings to the main game, but what about completing the Godmaster DLC?

Godmaster brings two more possible endings to the table, which are distinguished by the offering of a flower. These endings are extremely difficult to unlock and, as one Redditor expressed, "an amazing reward for the few who have amazing skills."


If you are daring and skilled enough, you will see the fall of Absolute Radiance at the hand of the Void, which has two different fates depending on whether or not you offer The Godseeker a Delicate Flower. Without the flower, the Void appears to be overtaken by darkness. With the flower, things seem a bit more optimistic. 

While the true meaning behind these two additional endings may be a bit murky, Reddit user u/Spider_Mod offered their own interpretation. This user theorized that Absolute Radiance was the real Radiance and that the protagonist Knight joins Void to absorb this powerful force. From there, u/Spider_Mod made a case for the Void becoming the next major antagonist and Hollow Knight returning. Perhaps Hollow Knight: Silksong will answer some of these lingering questions.


A post-credits sequence in Hollow Knight

While not a full ending in and of itself, this little bonus offers gamers a bit more incentive to go the extra mile. 

Hollow Knight features a mushroom NPC who is aptly named Mister Mushroom. He appears in seven spots throughout the game, and if you meet each one you are rewarded with a quick post-credits sequence where he is soaring through the air. What is to become of this poor flying fungus? This is the only ending that states "To be continued," leaving fans to speculate over Mister Mushroom's fate.


Some believe that this implies there will be more Mister Mushroom, either as a star of his own game or as a character in other Team Cherry projects. Others view it as a mere gag; a fun teaser for those who earn the Passing of the Age achievement 

One thing's for sure — completionists can't put Hollow Knight away for good without seeing the post-credit scene. If you haven't gotten this bonus sequence, it's time to boot up the game and search every remaining corner for Mister Mushrooms.