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The Real Reason FaZe Kay And His Girlfriend Broke Up

FaZe Kay and former girlfriend Alexa Adams have called it quits. Kay made the announcement on YouTube, and he gave a surprising reason for why the couple separated — apparently, members of FaZe Clan were told they had to leave the house.

With players being kicked off the team and higher-ups forming new groups, FaZe Clan had a hard 2020. Now, three months into 2021, FaZe Clan is reportedly kicking players out of FaZe House. For international members like FaZe Kay, it's up in the air whether they'll be able to stay in California or even the country. Because of this, Kay decided to cut things off with Adams. 

According to Kay, a long-term relationship wouldn't be fair to either party. Given that Adams' life is in Los Angeles and Kay has no idea where he's going to go, he felt it wouldn't be healthy to continue dating. Additionally, FaZe Kay has poured his time and energy into his career, to the point that he's even gone over a year without seeing his mother or brother.

FaZe Kay repeated that he just wants Adams to be happy multiple times throughout the video, and it seemed to be the basis for his decision to not attempt a long-term relationship. Kay filmed his interactions with other housemates about how to handle the situation and how he should approach Adams. Each seemed to understand that the decision had to be made, but everyone seemed down about the breakup. Eventually, at the end of the video, viewers saw Kay call Adams and break things off.

The video made it clear that the breakup was solely based on the fact that the players were being forced to move. FaZe Kay continuously mentioned that he "really liked Alexa," and he made sure that was obvious to his housemates and Adams when the two split. However, the sense of anxiety surrounding the upcoming move weighed on him throughout, and the other members seemed affected the weird situation they'd found themselves in. The comment section was full of kind words from supportive fans and even other FaZe Clan members

According to a recent survey, fans already thought that FaZe Clan was one of the most overrated esports groups out there. With the drama surrounding the group throughout the last few years and now this surprising turn of events, the future of FaZe Clan and its players is uncertain.