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3 Out Of 4 People Surveyed Said This Was Their Favorite Wii Game

Ah, the good old days of the Wii. This unique console broke new ground by making gaming a full-body experience, so much so that some players wound up in the hospital when arm-flailing turned into failing. Even so, fan support for the Wii has stayed strong over the years, so much so that in a recent SVG survey, 45% of participants picked the Wii as their favorite Nintendo console of all time.


Given the success of this console, it's only fair to wonder what games made it such a hit for players. To find out, SVG surveyed 2,200 gamers on YouTube to ask them which Wii-centric game was their favorite as a kid. The options were Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Wii Party, and Wii Music.

With a whopping 73% of the vote, Wii Sports took the cake. It's no surprise that so many people have distinct memories of this title, given the fact that the game was included with the Wii. Just about everyone who bought the console got a chance to play this classic. Even though the game's been around for quite some time, players have continued to find new things in Wii Sports, like a glitch that lets players golf out of bounds.


Swing and a miss

Though Wii Sports clearly dominated thanks to the thrill and nostalgia of motion-controlled boxing, golf, bowling, tennis, and baseball, some players preferred other games. With 21% of the vote, Wii Sports Resort once again speaks to the popularity of the original Wii Sports pack-in title. Even though this title features twelve different mini-games, most survey participants still prefer the original five games from Wii Sports.


Bringing up the rear were Wii Party with 3% of the vote, Wii Play with 2%, and Wii Music with just 1%. Wii Music was a disaster in terms of controls and gameplay alike, so it makes sense that so few players picked it. Meanwhile, Wii Play and Wii Party both lack the dynamic, active gameplay that made both Wii Sports titles so popular — and both were likely overshadowed by the massively popular (and similar) Mario Party series.

Now that you know what Wii games people love the most, it might be time to fire up your old console and check out some of the hidden gems in the Wii's game library.