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45% Of People Picked This As Their Favorite Nintendo Console Ever

If you've been gaming since you left your mother's womb, then chances are you've come across one of Nintendo's consoles at some point.

The house that Mario built dominated the 8-bit era with the NES, fought for dominance during the 16-bit era with the SNES, and waltzed right into 3D gaming with the N64. Following that console release, Nintendo moved even further into the realm of 3D with the releases of the GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and its current home/portable Switch console.


Each of Nintendo's home console hardware models have left an indelible mark on the world of gaming and everyone who's spent hours with each one. But which one truly takes the spot as most gamers' favorite Nintendo console of them all? SVG threw up a survey asking that very same question and, after getting more than 700 votes from across the world, came away with a definitive answer.

And it turns out that the Nintendo console that revolutionized motion control gaming nabbed the most votes, with 45%.

The Wii's motion controls and Wii Sports enamored gamers and even non-gamers during its heyday

The Nintendo Wii grabbed the most votes on a poll that also featured the Switch/Switch Lite, GameCube, N64, and SNES.

In comparison, the Switch/Switch Lite pulled in 23% of the vote. As for the other Nintendo consoles on the list, the GameCube garnered 9%, the N64 earned 15%, and the SNES ultimately left with 8% of the total votes. It's easy to see why most folks threw their support behind the Wii for this survey. It has sold 101.63 million units to date thanks to its groundbreaking motion control technology and the mega successful Wii Sports.


The Wii also played host to a collection of games featuring Nintendo's biggest IPs, such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Along with those marquee titles, the Wii also earned accolades for its third-party software. Many of those games qualify as hidden gems that still deserve your attention and playtime to this day.

The Wii still has an audience, as evidenced by its version of Just Dance 2020 outselling the PS4 and Xbox One versions in the UK.