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Details We Know About Hollow Knight: Silksong's New Crafting System

Hollow Knight sequel Silksong will change up and expand on the series' gameplay and lore in a variety of ways. One of the more notable differences will likely be the revamped crafting system, which developer Team Cherry has shared limited details about.


The original Hollow Knight game offered limited crafting, sending players to an NPC called the Nailsmith to upgrade their weapon, Nail. YouTube channel Help Me. I'm Stuck. created a guide about how to find the tricky blacksmith, and the amount of coins players need for their first upgrade. The Nailsmith played an essential part in getting a better weapon, but it looks like the new crafting system might take over his job, possibly eliminating him from the follow up. 

In an interview in Edge Magazine Issue 354, Team Cherry offered some information about just how Hornet, the playable character in Hollow Knight: Silksong, gets her new equipment. Instead of relying on the Nailsmith for upgrades, it seems she'll be able to do it herself.


What the developers have revealed about crafting in Hollow Knight: Silksong

According to Edge Magazine's February 2021 issue, Silksong's crafting system will allow Hornet to use checkpoint benches to craft and restore an array of equipment. This means players will be able to craft new items, which the game calls "tools," more frequently since they won't have to take a trip to the Nailsmith. The tools on offer include area-of-effect bombs, spike traps, and even kunai-like Straight Pins.


Players will uncover new tools and modifications as they interact with the denizens of Pharloom. After seeing an enemy use a tool in a specific way, Hornet might adapt the idea for her own use, even putting her own unique spin on the tool. Fallen enemies will also drop Shell Shards, which Hornet will be able to use to craft or replenish these tools. The system will be leagues different from the old Nailsmith "crafting," but Team Cherry is hopeful that it won't prove too difficult in comparison.

While there's no release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong, players might be able to experience this new system sooner than anyone realized.