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NickMercs Unloads On Warzone Developers

Hacking and cheating in online games is always a problem for gamers who want to enjoy an honest test of skills. It can be difficult to rein in malicious players who either want to troll or to win at all costs. Should all the blame fall on the developers' shoulders if the problem is not properly contained?


In a video titled "Warzone is Officially Broken.. (This Is Serious)," streamer NickMercs had a few things to say about Call of Duty: Warzone. While the upload is mostly a gameplay video, he took the opportunity to share his frustration over the hacker problem. He warned viewers that "hackers are evolving," and that they are now able to put an end to a round whenever they want. From there, he included footage of two matches that were concluded prematurely at the hands of hackers.

After these examples, NickMercs expressed a fairly pessimistic outlook regarding the state of Warzone. He felt the problem was beyond Activision's control and that despite some notable efforts and the company's ample monetary resources, nothing would be done.


It's no secret that Call of Duty: Warzone has had quite a bit of trouble shaking its hacker problem. Some players have considered the Call of Duty battle royale broken and unplayable. While Activision has tried to ban hackers en masse, cheaters seem to find new ways to disrupt games. In fact, some efforts to fix the game have actually backfired.

While not necessarily a hack, Activision attempted to address Call of Duty: Warzone's overpowered DMR 14 rifle, though the supposed nerf only made things worse. Naturally, this issue was enough to catch NickMercs' attention. He hopped onto his soapbox to express how he thought Call of Duty: Warzone had a tactical rifle problem. His gripe didn't exclusively target the DMR 14, but its weapon class as a whole. 

NickMercs may have been more optimistic back then, but with this most recent hacker trick, he seems to have lost all hope. Is the future of Call of Duty: Warzone really as bleak as he predicts? Will hackers continue to run rampant to the point where the battle royale will become a lawless world of chaos and hacking? 

NickMercs certainly hopes that the Warzone developers will put an end to this critical hacking problem. Likely, Activision will at least attempt to find a remedy, but whether the company can successfully snuff out these devious hackers is unknown. Until then, players might just have to get used to shorter matches.