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Nickmercs Thinks Call Of Duty: Warzone Has A Tactical Rifle Problem

YouTuber and popular Call of Duty player Nickmercs posted a video this week in which he outlined a problem he thinks will have big negative consequences in Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay going forward: the tactical rifle DMR 14 and its entire weapon class.

Like all battle royales, Warzone regularly tries to change things up by adding content and improving game mechanics. After the most recent update, though, the DMR has become the weapon of choice. Nickmercs calls the DMR "unbelievable," and other players are spotlighting its overpowered ability to snipe players and allow cheaters great latitude, thanks to a lack of recoil, amazing stopping power, and a long range. 

"Everybody is using it, and it is officially DMR Zone," Nickmercs said. "I mean the whole game is DMR — if you don't have one, you're gonna get bopped by one. You better pick one up and [if] you can't find one, get off the game. It took over the entire meta of Warzone." Players are backing up his statement, pointing out that the game is no longer fun. Multiple online threads claim the DMR is ruining the game, and gamers are saying they won't return until something has been done.

The DMR 14 has become so dominant over the Christmas holiday week that players are expecting a nerf to balance out the gameplay again. However, Nickmercs thinks this isn't going to be enough, because everyone will then jump over to a similar weapon, the Type 63. Swagg of FaZe Clan posted a video just after Christmas showing the SMG Type 63 in action, confirming that it, too, is a pretty powerful weapon. He even called it "way better" than the DMR 14.

Nickmercs said in the video that he believes most of the weapons in Warzone aren't viable compared to the DMR, the MAC 10, and tactical rifles. He also thinks the situation will continue for a while, because of the multiple tweaks that balancing the game will now require from developers.

Warzone's last update is about a week old now. In addition to dumping the DMR 14 and MAC 10 among an unsuspecting fan base, it also dropped a number of Cold War-era guns from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for use with the Rebirth Island map. Nickmercs suggests buffing some of these weapons, which are currently not very useful because of the overpowered nature of the tactical rifles. Hopefully, someone's listening over at Infinity Ward and Raven Software, and those changes will be coming soon.