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Why You're Still Not Done After 100% Completion Of Hollow Knight

For gamers who like grabbing that 100% completion achievement, Hollow Knight offers a step beyond. In order to totally finish the game, players need to complete 112% of the game. With the DLC that was added into Hollow Knight through the years, the actual total game content surpassed the 100% mark of the vanilla version of the game. 


Completing 112% of Hollow Knight required players to unlock all of the different parts of the map, including portions from the game's DLC. Hollow Knight's DLC expansions were added into the game at no additional cost, so there's no paywall players need to pass in order to fully complete the game.

While you wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong, try your hand at 112% completing the original. According to the website How Long to Beat, a completionist run of the first game will take roughly 57 hours. Considering just finishing the main story and unlocking one of its endings took about 26 hours, you'll have plenty of extra stuff to do. 

How to 112% Complete Hollow Knight

According to a fan-made completion checklist, there are a whopping 123 things players have to do in order to hit the 112% mark. Essentially, there are items that don't even add a full 1% to the end goal, so it's important to keep track of what you're doing. 


Players will need to collect a variety of things as well as take down bosses. There are also Colosseum Trials that need to be completed, as well as upgrades to the Knight's trusty nail that need to be crafted. However, not everything in the game will count towards that coveted 112%. For example, the repetitive Zote battles, which get more and more difficult each time, don't actually count for anything (except bragging rights). 

While some players want to wander through the game and find everything as organically as possible, other players want the information straight-up and organized. Steam user wataniyob has also posted a guide that can take you step-by-step through the game, setting you up for a perfect 112% route. So what are you waiting for?