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The Different Classes In Outriders Explained

Teamwork makes the dream work, as some say, and that is true in both real life and in video games. Just as someone holds the ladder for you while you're cleaning the gutter — ensuring you don't fall — a teammate in a video game can lay down some cover fire or slide in quickly to heal you. All of that to also ensure you don't fall.


In Outriders — the newest third-person action shooter from Square Enix — playing alone is certainly doable. There's nothing in the game to stop you from riding solo. But teaming up may be the far better way to go. That's likely why the title has four distinct player classes to choose from, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. If you can figure out which class is best for you, and learn to synergize its talents with those of other classes, you'll stand a much better chance at surviving on Enoch.

Here are the different classes in Outriders explained.


If you're the kind of player who enjoys participating in some battlefield parkour — moving around from engagement to engagement while performing all sorts of fancy tricks — it appears Outriders has a class for you. Players who take up its mantle are like Anomaly-infused ninjas with the ability to alter space and time. They're called Tricksters, and you may find there's a lot to like about their abilities.


Tricksters are "deadly up close," according to Square Enix, which makes sense since they're able to use a dimension-busting sword attack known as Temporal Slice. The Slow Trap ability enables you to trap enemies in a bubble of slowed-down time, while Hunt the Prey gives you the power to teleport behind a specific foe. Tricksters can even give themselves some extra protection too, trading some health away for a bit of shield. The run, gun, and run some more types will likely find the Trickster class is the one that fits them best.


Some who play shooters aren't interested in jumping right into the fray. Instead, these players hang back, picking off enemies from a distance while perhaps using some technology to clean up what's left. If that sounds like you — the sniper who sets up a turret for the enemies who get a little too close — you may be right at home with the Technomancer class.


Technomancers prefer to have some space to work with. They're better suited for attacking at longer distances, and as their name implies, they fuse technology with the Anomaly's powers so they can tap into some rather useful abilities. With a Technomancer, you can set down a fire-spraying turret to deal major damage to a large monster, for instance, while you chip away at its health from further back. For the players who don't want to be up close and personal with the bad guys, the Technomancer may be the top option.


There's one class in Outriders that Square Enix likes to call a "tank in human form." Judging by its heavily armored appearance, its entirely possible the company is referring to the vehicle of war and not the same term used for a class in countless RPGs and team shooters. Regardless, if you're looking to use a "biological sledgehammer" in the game, there's one class that stands out above all the rest. It's all about delivering raw punishment, and its name is the Devastator.


The Devastator class is not meant for those who value speed above all else. It doesn't seem to move very quickly, though it more than makes up for that deficiency with its sheer power. Someone playing Devastator can run, jump, and pound the ground with such force that it sends enemies flying. But the Devastator class also has the ability to control gravity, which means it can play a bit of defense by holding up projectiles (like bullets) before they reach their intended targets.

If all of that sounds like your jam, you might want to consider picking Devastator.


Some Outriders players just want to watch the world burn. Sure, firing the guns might be nice. Tossing a grenade here and there can be a good time. But some simply prefer to leave the battlefield scorched — all their enemies turned to ash. For those who wish to wield the power of flame, the Pyromancer is straight fire.


To hear Square Enix tell it, the Pyromancer class is pretty powerful. You can shoot fire from your hands, or use thermal bombs to set enemies ablaze. That power doesn't come without a cost, though — those playing the Pyromancer class may not want to partake in a lot of close-quarters combat, or they might find their flames being snuffed out. Still, if all the awesome fire powers feel like a good trade for a bit more vulnerability, the Pyromancer class may be for you.