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The Real Reason #Dreamisoverparty Is Trending

Things are not looking good for Minecraft YouTuber Dream. The frequent Corpse Husband collaborator is no stranger to internet drama, but right now, #dreamisoverparty is trending on Twitter. If you have watched his streams before, you might be curious to know what happened.


According to the Twitter account Did MCYT Trend Today?, some unsavory accusations have come to light concerning Dream. Specifically, multiple sources have claimed that Dream has allegedly used racial slurs in the past while streaming. Dexerto has reported that a video began circulating, which appeared to show Dream using a racial slur during a livestream. The original video has since been made private. 

Meanwhile, other users have shared screenshots that allegedly show that Dream has created multiple alt accounts with offensive screen names. Many of these tweets have since been taken down, but the resulting drama has spread through social media like wildfire. This led to the aforementioned hashtag, which accompanied multiple posts from people criticizing the YouTuber.


Speculation runs rampant on Twitter. Some have challenged the validity of this evidence, while others believe Dream is responsible for the improper behavior of which he has been accused. Some have claimed that what he said in the video could have been edited, some argue it wasn't Dream, and still others have criticized this entire movement as "defamation."

The trend is hot on Twitter right now, but this is not the first time Dream has faced similar accusations. Earlier in the year, someone on Reddit inquired about a conspiracy against Dream, citing a rumor that Dream's detractors had faked a video that appeared to show Dream using a racial slur. At the time, the comments seemed to lean heavily toward Dream's defense.

Dream himself has commented on the latest trend, claiming that it's not him speaking in the infamous video and that he is not associated with the offensive alt accounts. He added, "the people who originally spread this obviously know it's fake and are trolling." Dream concluded his tweets with the #dreamisoverparty hashtag, seemingly in an effort to get the word out there regarding his side of the story. Dream also referred to the screenshots of the alleged alt accounts as "literally a smear campaign."


For now, Dream's fans and critics alike will have to wait to see what unfolds. As #dreamisoverparty continues to trend on Twitter, it's unlikely that either side will back down anytime soon.