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The Truth About Corpse Husband And Dream's Relationship

When it comes to streamers who don't show their faces, few are as popular as Corpse Husband and Minecraft YouTuber Dream. Both personalities have garnered a lot of attention, even though they actively keep their identities hidden. Dream is notable for his Minecraft streams, which no doubt contributed to the game's surprising popularity on YouTube in 2020.


Corpse Husband, the streamer known for his deep voice, began his career narrating chilling tales on YouTube but has since broadened his horizons. He later scored a hit with the song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" and even got a billboard in Times Square to promote the track.

The two streamers first met in an Among Us stream and they instantly connected. When Corpse found out Dream keeps his face hidden as well, it seemed as though it was the start of a beautiful friendship. What happened since that fateful stream? Has Corpse Husband kept up with Dream? Have they collaborated? What is the nature of their relationship?

Corpse Husband and Dream play Among Us together

In an interview with YouTube star Anthony Padilla, Corpse Husband revealed that he doesn't really have much of a social life, making it unlikely that he forms intimate bonds with other creators. With that said, he and Dream have continued to play Among Us together, and appear to be friendly enough for lighthearted jabs.


After YouTuber TommyInnit tweeted, "just put dream in f***ing prison," Corpse Husband replied with "you know what, you're alright Tommy." Almost a month later, Corpse tweeted that he would be playing Among Us with guests. Dream was on top of that list, suggesting his previous comment was all in good fun.

Corpse paid a visit to Dream's Minecraft multiplayer server, where one of its members, Karl Jacobs, showed him the ropes. The deep-voiced streamer was not incredibly familiar with Minecraft, so it's reasonable to imagine he gets along pretty well with Dream if he accepted an invite to the server.

The true extent of their relationship is about as mysterious as their faces, though it's been noted that they have great chemistry when streaming together. The two appear to have a lot of potential for a strong friendship, but regardless, it's likely they will continue to collaborate in the future.