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The Jimmy Fallon Among Us Drama Explained

Yesterday, The Tonight Show made history when Jimmy Fallon streamed with Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae, along with several other notable celebrity guests. Together, they all played Among Us and raised $25,000 in donations for Feeding America.

The Tonight Show tweeted a clip where Fallon sincerely thanked the streamers who joined him. He praised them for their streaming prowess, which ended in a lighthearted joke implying that he was trying to "butter [them] up" to avoid getting killed in the next match. All in all, the stream appeared to be a big success, with high spirits all around. As positive as the experience may have been, there was one particular content creator absent from the match, and this had the internet talking.

In the comments of The Tonight Show's tweet, a user asked, "why wasnt [sic] toast there," which seemed to be the question at large for many who followed this story. Several others echoed this thought, with comments like "yall did toast dirty" and "we need @DisguisedToast next time, okay!!??" So what happened? Why was the Twitch-turned-Facebook streamer Disguised Toast not involved?

A day before the stream, Toast tweeted at Conan O'Brien about playing Among Us, and many of his friends, including streamers present during Fallon's Twitch broadcast, came to support his tweet. Valkyrae tweeted, "wish you were playing with us toast," and Sykkuno said, "SHADE THEM TOAST YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE." From the comments, it appears as though his friends and fans all wanted him to join in.

Toast himself commented on the issue the day of the stream, clearing up rumors that he turned down an invite due to scheduling conflicts. According to Toast, he didn't feel it was personal. He said it was "just business" and that there wasn't enough room for him. He thought the whole situation was far more straightforward than speculations suggested, and while he admitted he was disappointed that he didn't receive an invitation, he told his viewers he was more bothered by all the hearsay. He also felt confident that his friends did what they could to get him on, but that he's, according to his own words, "not that marketable." Toast said that he understood why he didn't make the cut, considering there were only three spots for streamers in the show.

Perhaps Fallon will host a follow-up session with room for more streamers, or maybe Conan O'Brien will put together something similar, and fans will see Toast engage in some imposter/crewmate shenanigans then. Whatever the future holds, the important takeaway is that it looks like no friendships were harmed.