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This Apex Legends Feature Would Be A Sight For Sore Eyes

In the world of online gaming, ranked matches are always intense, thanks to the high stakes — people typically don't go into a ranked game with the intent to lose (except for the occasional troll). Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale games, is no exception, but players have become increasingly frustrated by the amount of hacking in the game, which has made succeeding in ranked lobbies almost impossible. On April 6, 2021, Respawn Entertainment announced that there are some new systems in the works to help balance out the number of cheaters in Apex Legends.


Respawn Entertainment took to YouTube to let players know the new plans. Apex Legends Design Director Jason McCord said that Respawn is looking into a way to help players who have been negatively impacted by cheaters. Essentially, Respawn's new concept of "retroactive loss forgiveness" would allow players to gain back RP, which are the points that determine how you rank up or down. If a player was found cheating during your match, the loss will not negatively impact your standing. While this won't alleviate the frustration of playing against a player who's hacking, it could make the ranked ladder feel more fair.

McCord also announced that the company was looking for better ways to punish players who have been boosting their rank by cheating. There will also be a feedback system that will let you know if a player you reported was actually banned.


Some viewers pointed out that McCord didn't discuss any specific new anti-cheat programs in the works, and some fans might be wondering why Respawn isn't just buckling down on cheaters. In fact, McCord expressed a belief that hackers will always get around anti-cheating software and find a way to hack the game, so Respawn is instead focusing on finding various ways counteract the bad with some good for honest players.

Other fans were worried about the reporting system on PlayStation and Xbox. Some players have claimed that when a cheater is reported on consoles, the report doesn't actually go directly to Respawn.

While Apex Legends hasn't attracted as many cheaters as Fortnite, the game has still stood out among other titles for its cheating problem. With Respawn making plenty of changes to how the game works, like adding the new No-Fill Matchmaking system, hopefully fans are seeing the beginnings of a bright new day for Apex Legends.