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This Is How Path Of Exile 2 Will Improve On The Original

Way back in 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced that it would develop Path of Exile 2, a follow up to its original Path of Exile. Needless to say, fans were excited. Path of Exile has consistently ranked as one of the top free-to-play games available. Even though Path of Exile 2 originally had a release date of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic moved things around for Grinding Gear Games. Now, Path of Exile 2 is almost ready, and it's going to change everything.


As Path of Exile enters its endgame content with the release Ultimatum on April 16, players are eagerly counting down until Path of Exile 2 releases in 2022. Fans can expect improved graphics, as well as new gear and campaigns. That being said, don't expect what made the original fun to just disappear. Grinding Gear Games will begin integrating new gameplay elements into Ultimatum as a way to mark the transition to Path of Exile 2. Since features from the sequel will be appearing in-game soon, here's what to expect from both Path of Exile 2 and Ultimatum.

Path of Exile 2 will offer help when players need it

In a first look at Path of Exile 2 from IGN, Leana Hafer previewed some of the game's new features. When Hafer asked Chris Wilson, a developer and producer at Grinding Gear Games, about Path of Exile 2's complexity, he responded, "Philosophically, this is a tricky one for us, because we think there's an advantage to not doing too much hand-holding." 


Wilson explained that Path of Exile 2 will have tutorials for new players, but tutorials will only be activated if the game detects a player needs a little extra help nailing down a mechanic. Path of Exile veterans who already have builds in mind for their new run will find the controls familiar, and therefore will probably not need a tutorial.

Wilson even suggested that the developers are open to restricting some player choices early in the game, simply because the overwhelming amount of choice could lead inexperienced players to create poor builds they'll regret later in the game.

Path of Exile 2 boss battles will be more intense

Because Path of Exile 2 looks similar to its predecessor, players might wonder how the new installment will amp up the tension in terms of boss fights. In many hack and slash style action role playing games, combat can feel repetitive, with players steamrolling through hordes of enemies. 


Path of Exile 2 wants to change that by making bosses more dynamic. IGN reported that bosses will be able to interact with their environments in new ways. One preview of the new boss AI showed a cave-dwelling creature breaking parts of the ceiling to rain rocks down on the player. In addition to being a powerful attack, the creature's action created safe spots where players could stand to avoid suffering through that attack again. Smarter enemies mean players will need to craft new strategies to succeed in boss battles, but that might be just the challenge longterm players want in Path of Exile 2.

New weapons mean new gameplay in Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 will feature new weapons players can add to their arsenals. New weapons aren't simply a cosmetic change, either; they can greatly alter combat and necesitate new strategies and playstyles. For instance, Path of Exile 2 will feature a crossbow, which will have various special abilities that can be equipped, as well as a spear.


The spear's mechanics in particular will be an exciting change for gamers. With a mighty thrust attack, players will move into the thick of battle, gaining a stat boost for a limited amount of time. Once the effects have worn off, players must disengage and fall out of the heat of battle. The spear requires a bit of strategy that's not often included in close range combat like this. 

Path of Exile 2 won't fully release until 2022, but new features will begin integrating into Path of Exile as soon as Ultimatum drops on April 16. So far, Grinding Gear Games has not indicated if it will keep or abolish microtransactions from the game, but there's still plenty for Path of Exile fans to look forward to.