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The Most Refreshing Part Of Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a brand new, Animal Crossing-inspired game from developer Spry Fox that has you explore an island full of ghost bears. Your job as a Spirit Scout is to help the spirit bears in hopes that they can move on to the next life. The game operates on a real-time schedule, with a limited number of daily tasks for you to complete. Despite asking you to play on a daily basis, Cozy Grove really respects the player's time in a way that, according to someAnimal Crossing doesn't.


In an interview with Vice, Spry Fox studio head David Edery spoke about the decisions to make a game that's only meant to be played for about 20 minutes a day. "I prefer media that isn't designed to devour every hour I could possibly give it in a single sitting," Edery said. He went on to say he enjoys the anticipation of the next session and being able to plan out his media consumption ahead of time.

While Animal Crossing does have daily limitations on some of its tasks, it doesn't go to the lengths that Cozy Grove does. Cozy Grove offers a limited number of story quests for the various ghost inhabitants on the island, usually involving a simple fetch quest. Once completed, the game offers another tidbit of each character's story and a ghost log, which is used to expand the island and find more spirits in need. Once completed, the game will tell the player that they have completed all of their daily tasks and to come back tomorrow. Players can continue playing if they wish, as there are resources to gather around the island, but it is not necessary.


Edery said that the purpose of limiting story content each day is to give you the feeling "you've accomplished something today and have something to look forward to tomorrow." As for Edery himself, he said that as he has become older, he appreciates games that fit into a busy schedule and can become part of his daily routine. "Sometimes I want a game I can play for a break after work, or for 30 minutes with my daughter, and feel like I had a good, complete experience. Ideally something with high-quality art and characters I care about," Edery said.

As for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game has been out for over a year now, receiving numerous updates since its launch. Some of the more recent updates have included new items, including a set themed around Super Mario Bros. for its 35th anniversary and whoopee cushions for April Fool's Day.