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The Best Way To Farm Bloodrun Jewels In Monster Hunter Rise

When Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise launched on March 26, critics praised the game as a worthy follow-up, with some even comparing it favorably with Breath of the Wild. The latest entry brought modern design sensibilities to the Monster Hunter franchise, along with a fully realized world built with better mobility options like the new Wirebug feature.


Gamers have pushed through Monster Hunter Rise since launch, and many have found themselves deep into the endgame, where crafting decorations and talismans for skill boosts becomes more critical. However, to create the highest quality items, players need to find one of the rarest crafting components: Bloodrun Jewels. As you might imagine, Bloodrun Jewels take some effort to track down, and acquiring a good number will likely require some grinding.

While Monster Hunter Rise certainly doesn't make it easy to stumble across Bloodrun Jewels, there are a couple of ways that hunters can maximize their chances of finding them.

The best way to farm Bloodrun Jewels is to hunt Thunder Serpent Narwa

While gamers are still working out all of Monster Hunter Rise's intricacies, one of the challenges of finding Bloodrun Jewels is that they appear to only drop as loot for higher tier quests or as Helper Rewards. According to the official Monster Hunter site, Helper Rewards are given out when high-tier players help lower-ranked hunters complete quests. If players have a friend who is trying to catch up, helping them through that process will likely net them some Bloodrun Jewels along the way.


The issue is that Helper Rewards vary greatly and the loot the more powerful players receive can be inconsistent. Also, while higher-tier quests can give players Bloodrun Jewels, few seem to guarantee it. Thankfully, there is at least one enemy players have found consistently drops Bloodrun Jewels: Monster Hunter Rise's final boss, Thunder Serpent Narwa

Narwa is found through the game's last Hub quest, and the final confrontation has the "highest chance for (Bloodrun Jewels) to drop at the reward screen." One fan on Reddit even said, "Solo Narwa fights are giving me 2-4 every 15 mins with GS, pretty easy grind." If this is the case, then hunting Narwa is likely the best way to farm Bloodrun Jewels at this time.