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This Streamer Just Took Ninja Down A Peg

Ludwig Ahgren just finished streaming for 31 days straight, and he's impossibly tired. However, he also managed to do the impossible: he obliterated the record for most Twitch subscribers, which was previously held by Ninja. 


During Ludwig's "Subathon," in which he continued streaming for as long as new people kept subscribing to him, Ludwig's subscriber numbers have continued to climb. By the end of March, he had the most active subscribers on Twitch, and was more than halfway to beating Ninja's all-time peak subscriber record. While the stream continued, fans were privy to all of Ludwig's everyday activity, including eating, sleeping, and hanging out with his partner, fellow streamer QTCinderella.

Ludwig donated $5 to charity for every new subscriber in the last day of the Subathon, and this last big push put him over the edge and into victory. In the afternoon of April 13, Ludwig excitedly posted a screenshot of the top Twitch channels, with his name comfortably at the highest point of the list. According to The Verge, when Ludwig ended the stream, he was sitting at 282,000 subs, well over Ninja's previous record of 269,154. Surprisingly enough, Ludwig's subscribers have continued to grow since then, cementing his new record in glorious fashion.


Despite the success of the Subathon, Ludwig has explained that he doesn't think he will ever do something like this again. Game Rant reported that Ludwig has said the only way he'd ever repeat this stunt would be to do it from space. Unless Ludwig can buy a rocket with all of his new subscriber money, it's a safe bet that his Subathon days are behind him.

Speaking of space, Ludwig's fans were over the moon to see him succeed like this. The streamer's followers on social media showered him with congratulations. QTCinderella posted a photo of herself and Ludwig, referring to him as her "king of twitch bf." A few fans even made memes clowning on Ninja's reaction to the news that his record had been shattered.

As for Ninja himself, the streamer accepted the new record graciously, but admitted that the news bummed him out a bit. "Records are meant to be broken," tweeted Ninja, "I would be lying if I said wasn't a little sad but congrats @LudwigAhgren on holding the new sub record on twitch."

It remains to be seen whether or not Ninja's fans will rally and overtake Ludwig's subscriber numbers once more. Regardless, Twitch history has been made and a titanic record has been toppled, all thanks to this bizarre Subathon experiment.