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The Best And Worst Weapons In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise didn't have the smoothest release, with fans concerned over mysterious hard crashes and the game's initial lack of a proper ending, but diehard fans still feel enthralled by it. Considering the favorable reviews critics gave Monster Hunter Rise, it's no wonder that gamers have spent hours hunting new monsters in the wilderness. 


One of the most important parts of any hunter's kit is their weapon, and Monster Hunter Rise has 14 different weapon types to explore. All weapons aren't created equal, though, and players will find that some weapons fit them better than others. 

Polygon describes weapon selection in Monster Hunter Rise as being like changing a character's class. Changing one's weapons can drastically influence playstyle, so it's vital to find what weapon works best. While every player will have a different favorite weapon, some tools are objectively more powerful than others, and it's good to know which weapons to try out and which ones to avoid. Luckily, gamers have sounded off on what their favorites are.


The worst weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

It's worth noting that players will naturally prefer different weapons, and a Monster Hunter Rise build isn't one size fits all.

YouTuber ConCon ranked Monster Hunter Rise's weapons based on his personal experience, providing pros and cons for each choice. After trying them all, ConCon said that the bow proved difficult to master, and wasn't a weapon he'd recommend to players. ConCon noted that the bow seems like it should be easy to use, but it's not. No matter what he did, he said, he couldn't understand the bow. The controls felt clunky and foreign, unlike most of the other weapons in the game.


Meanwhile, RageGamingVideos named the Charge Blade as the worst weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, arguing that though it's mechanically interesting, it's almost impossible to master and use properly. Even the though the Charge Blade packs a heavy hit, it is also incredibly slow, making it difficult to maneuver with. In Monster Hunter Rise, agility is often key, making the Charge Blade a weapon many hunters might want to pass on. Then again, some fans swear by the Charge Blade, so your mileage may vary. 

The best weapons in Monster Hunter RIse

YouTuber AdamzoneTopMarks created a ranking system based on power, speed, difficulty, and defense, with each weapon in the game getting a score out of 10. Most weapons scored about a 6.5 on the scale, but the sword and shield and dual blades scored a 7.


AdamzoneTopMarks noted that the sword and shield is easy for gamers new to the franchise. Even though it doesn't do a lot of damage up front, it has great options for mobility. Players can even use consumable items while the sword is drawn, which is something the bigger weapons don't allow. The sword and shield also has a good bit of built-in defense; players can block some attacks with the shield, though bigger hits will break through. 

Dual blades, on the other hand, are very fast. They don't provide high damage, but they hit so frequently that the flurry of blows makes up for any lacking power. Dual blades are also fairly simple to use, making them a good choice for gamers that want to master a weapon quickly.  Still, the sheer speed of the blades makes up for a multitude of downsides, making it one of the best weapons in the game. Fans seem to agree, noting that the speed of the weapon makes it a favorite.