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No One Knows What's Causing This Monster Hunter Hard Crash

The recent release of Monster Hunter Rise has brought with it tons of positive critical acclaim, but things aren't exactly perfect. Even with game-changing new features like Wyvern riding and plenty of never-before-seen monsters, players won't be satisfied until they feel confident the title will stop hard crashing out of nowhere.

A mysterious Nintendo Switch error code has been popping up for Monster Hunter Rise players in tandem with these notorious hard crashes. According to GamesRadar+'s Austin Wood, code 2003-0013 isn't part of any Switch support lists. In the oulet's experience, everytime the code was triggered "the Switch hit a black-screen hard crash and required a manual reset."

If this hasn't happened to you yet, don't worry too much. Though it is a hassle, no post-crash effects have been reported so far and, thanks to Monster Hunter Rise's auto-save feature, your game will be mostly protected. Of course, having to completely restart your console and getting cut off from gameplay for a few minutes is a total headache.

GamesRadar+ contacted Nintendo support to get more information. The outlet also put the word out to publisher Capcom. While the Nintendo representative was "unsure what may be causing the crash" and could not find the meaning of elusive error code 2003-0013, they provided advice to prevent it: "play, and stay, in online mode in the game itself." Though this advice may help mitigate instances of the mystery crash, it might be harder for players on the go or those with shakier Wi-Fi connections.

On top of that, staying in online mode is not a fix-all since the crash is still not well understood. In fact, it can be downright unpredictable. "Players around the world have encountered this crash during loading screens, in the middle of quests, in both local and online multiplayer, while navigating NPC menus, and after using the in-game camera," reported Wood. Since so little is known about the cause of the crash at this point — other than a potentially higher risk for offline players — it's essentially unavoidable.

Even with the autosave feature, be sure to manually save frequently to avoid an unfortunate fate. There's no timeline for when this issue could be fixed. Capcom has been through bigger hurdles in the past year, namely a 2020 cyberattack that was much more dire than anyone realized at the time. Hopefully, things get fixed up before the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise comes out in 2022.