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The Real Reason You Don't Hear From These Twitch Streamers Anymore

Streaming can take a physical and mental toll on those who choose to commit to it full time, and for some the strain proves to be too much to bear. Corpse Husband has spoken out about how streaming intensified his pre-existing anxiety, but many streamers have discussed burnout and the desire to quit. Long hours, demanding fans, and changing interests can all contribute to burnout.

At the least, many streamers announce that they're quitting before they withdraw from public life. However, the following streamers disappeared with little to no notice, leaving fans wondering where their favorite creators went. The reasons for why popular streamers may suddenly go off the grid may vary. Regardless, the following streamers all disappeared quite suddenly.

While it's impossible to know all of the inner workings of streamers who don't share many personal details, here are the reasons why you don't hear from these streamers anymore.


Fortnite streamer Fe4RLess was one of the biggest players in the world, with over 9 million subscribers. Then, without warning, he disappeared.

Fe4RLess often took long breaks between videos early on, but eventually his upload schedule evened out and became more regular. The consistent schedule worked, earning him more subscribers than ever before. Then the content stopped in early 2020, and fans began to wonder what happened to their Fortnite idol. Some even claimed he was dead, and rumors ran rampant.

Fe4RLess then surprised everyone by posting on TikTok about a trickshot he recently landed, claiming that it was supposed to be in his new video. When one fan asked Fe4RLess about his "vacation," Fe4RLess replied, indicating that the reason for his absence was not only personal, but difficult. Fe4RLess also shared that though he had finished editing his latest video, he felt scared to upload it.

No one knows for sure what happened to Fe4RLess, but context seems to indicate that he needed a break for personal reasons and felt pressure from the fan community to produce content. Fe4RLess recently tweeted that he was selling his Fortnite account, leaving fans to speculate even further.

Daequan Loco

As a member of esports giant TSM, Daequan Loco, a.k.a. TSM Daequan, enjoyed wild success online, earning millions of followers and a vibrant fanbase. However, no amount of success can make someone immune to problems, and Daequan eventually disappeared from the gaming world.

In 2019, Daequan released a statement on Twitter explaining his hiatus. He had recently lost his grandmothers, his aunt, and several friends, making it difficult for him to concentrate on his work. He then began having recurring health issues. To make things worse, his girlfriend Exie also underwent a health crisis, almost dying in the process. Daequan assured fans that 2020 was going to be his year, and that he was going to get motivated to grow his channel.

Of course, 2020 didn't go exactly as everyone planned. In March 2020, Daequan said that Exie was still getting medical treatment for her illness, and that he was moving and setting up his new home. Daequan streamed a few times during March 2020, but then disappeared again. In November, he tweeted that he was feeling good and posted a picture of himself with his cat, but he didn't resume a regular streaming schedule.

TSM Hamlinz

Hamlinz, another streamer signed with TSM, took a break in 2018 because of a painful cyst that prevented him from sitting for long periods of time. He eventually returned to streaming for a bit after recovering. Then, in 2019, Hamlinz shared with his audience that he had been grieving the loss of his grandfather while also dealing with his grandmother's breast cancer diagnosis.

In October 2020, Hamlinz tweeted that he was feeling better, but he still hasn't fully returned to streaming. Hamlinz may still be continuing on his healing journey, or there may be other, more personal issues that he doesn't want to share with fans.

Reports from some online gossip bloggers indicate that Hamlinz and TSM Daequan might be living together. While this has not been confirmed, it makes sense, as the teammates both experienced extreme health issues and depression around the same time period, necessitating the need for them to take a break. No one knows if or when Hamlinz will return, but his fans certainly miss him.