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Tragic Details About Corpse Husband

Storyteller. Musician. Streamer. Gamer. Internet sensation. Enigma. Corpse Husband has made a name for himself since starting his YouTube channel in 2015, racking up more than 7 million subscribers by retelling user-submitted horror stories in his trademark deep, guttural voice. Corpse Husband branched into music with the 2020 release of TikTok hit "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" and the recent "agoraphobic," and he has drawn additional attention by streaming games like Among Us, often with other high profile gaming personalities.

Despite never showing his face on stream, Corpse has become increasingly open about his mental and physical health. In interviews and Q&As, he's revealed that he doesn't like his face and that he doesn't have much of a social life outside of the internet. He's also been pretty transparent about his health issues, which he said have become more serious even as his popularity has surged. Here's a look at the hardships Corpse Husband has faced, including some of his ongoing struggles.

Corpse Husband's anxiety stops him from leaving the house or having a social life

"A lot of people think it's like a business thing or a gimmick," Corpse Husband said in response to a fan question on Instagram in February 2020 regarding why he has avoided a face reveal. "I just deeply f***ing hate my face, and people's expectations at this point are ridiculous and unachievable."

In an interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse said that his anonymous profile online has "pretty much f***ing eviscerated" his social life. "I have, like, very bad anxiety. I never leave my house," he told Padilla, adding that his increased popularity and faceless persona have only increased that anxiety. In an Instagram Q&A after the interview, he went into more detail about his anxiety, describing how it prevented him from even going grocery shopping for fear of running into the Girl Scouts.

Corpse's fans went crazy in October 2020 when he shared a couple of Instagram posts of the back of his hand, complete with chipped black nail polish, a ring, and rave "kandi." Unknowingly or not, some of his fans have increased his aversion to doing a face reveal, though the content creator has said more than once that it will likely happen against his will.

Corpse Husband lives with chronic pain and illness

In addition to his anxiety, Corpse Husband stays home so often due to a number of health diagnoses. In December 2019, he revealed via tweet that he had been diagnosed with  fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread chronic pain, "sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress" according to the CDC. Additionally, Corpse has been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, sleep apnea, and partial Lyme disease.

In an Instagram Q&A from March 2020, Corpse Husband also shared that he has a chronic health condition called GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which he said is partially why his voice sounds so distinct. The disease causes inflammation of the esophagus, restricts his diet in a lot of ways, and can often cause him to lose his voice, he explained in a follow up.

Despite (or because of) his health issues, both physical and mental, Corpse Husband has been an inspiration to many. Fans who also deal with chronic illness and pain have found encouragement and companionship in Corpse Husband's candid discussions. You only need to look at the responses to his tweets and Q&As to see the outpouring of love, camaraderie, and support from his community.

Corpse lost feeling in his arms

Corpse Husband's medical conditions are complicated, and though he tries to detail them as much as possible to fans, even he doesn't have all the answers for some things. In early 2021, Corpse seemed to be taking a much needed break from streaming. In April, Corpse announced that he might step away from streaming, but he didn't reveal the reason why. Now, fans know that he was struggling with some severe health issues at the time, as well as worsening symptoms that threatened to halt his streaming career forever.

As he explained to fans, Corpse woke up one morning with a numbness in his right wrist, which then migrated to his whole arm and, eventually, his left arm as well. With little control over his limbs, Corpse had no choice but to stop streaming and editing videos for a while, disappointing some fans that weren't aware of his deteriorating mobility.

Despite numerous visits to specialists, doctors couldn't determine the cause of Corpse's sudden loss of feeling. At first, they thought it might be tendonitis, but Corpse said that physical activity didn't instigate the numbness. After several weeks of wearing braces, Corpse thankfully regained mobility, but he continues to be very careful when streaming in order to protect his health.

Corpse's family has also experienced medical issues

In the midst of his own medical crisis in 2021, Corpse also learned the news that his mother had cancer. He said, "Everyone's messaging me, 'It can't get any worse than this,' and then I find out my mom has cancer." Corpse explained that he doesn't speak with his mom often and isn't that close to his family, and by the time she told him she had cancer she'd been sick for a while. Even though Corpse's mom is now cancer-free, the confluence of events led to a heavy time in his life.

Corpse didn't go into great detail about what kind of cancer his mom had, but he made sure to explain that she's now doing much better. However, the YouTuber hasn't allowed himself to relax just yet. Corpse said, "Cancer's kind of tricky, right? You think that somebody doesn't have it anymore and you just kind of hope that they don't." Hopefully, Corpse's mom will stay healthy and he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Corpse was assaulted

In addition to health problems and general anxiety, Corpse Husband also experienced a shocking assault one day. While it's unlikely that the assailant knew who Corpse was, the attack still served to rattle Corpse's senses. 

While streaming "Among Us" with friends, Corpse casually mentioned the event, saying, "I literally almost got killed earlier this year." Corpse explained that someone pulled a gun on him and that he was almost murdered, but he didn't go into further detail.

A tweet from Corpse on the day of the incident confirms its randomness. Corpse said it happened "in the middle of nowhere," and there seemed to be no precipitating event for the attack. Fans immediately tweeted their support, lamenting the fact that Corpse seems to have the worst luck and asking if he was okay. 

What happened to Corpse was likely random and unfortunate, but nonetheless it's an important part of his life. Corpse even seemingly referenced the violent event (or something eerily similar) in the lyrics of his song with Machine Gun Kelly, "Daywalker!"