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Warzone's Season Ending Event Has Players In An Uproar

The latest season of "Call of Duty: Warzone" has come to an explosive end, and the players who got to participate in it seemed to have had a heck of a time. Unfortunately, server issues led to a good number of players being left out of the apocalyptic action.


"Warzone" has featured a lot more zombies lately, and it's all been leading to the nuclear event that ended the season. For about a week, players who were caught in the gas at the end of a "Warzone" match were not killed, but were instead reanimated as the walking dead. This new wrinkle was well-received by fans who enjoyed adding a bit of shambling, creepy chaos to the popular battle royale game.

The zombie event kicked into high gear yesterday. As reported by The Gamer, every player who was killed in battle suddenly joined the ranks of the undead, controlling a newly-zombified character for one last fight. As a reaction to a map filled with zombies, the game then rolled a cinematic showing a nuclear missile being dropped on Verdansk. 


Some players were very impressed by the whole event. NickMercs and his squad laughed and cheered as the nuke was revealed and obliterated the zombie horde. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect seemed to be more excited about the prospect of the "brand new map" that will rise from the ashes. Fan accounts began sharing images of the explosion as seen from Rebirth Island, which really drilled in the massive size of the blast.

However, not everyone got to join in on the battle. The official Activision Support Twitter account confirmed that server issues were keeping players stuck in extremely long queues to get into the game. This led to some annoyed gamers quipping that "Warzone" had accidentally nuked its servers instead of Verdansk. Others posted that they felt left out, especially when watching some of their favorite streamers participating in the event.

Some players were simply unimpressed by the event. Noted game info leaker HYPEX tweeted, "'Warzone' Hyped this 'Nuke Event' all this time just for a cutscene?"

"Fortnite" fans may remember a similar issue occurring last year. During the game's big Galactus event, which concluded "Chapter 2 – Season 3," Twitch couldn't handle the huge number of viewers and glitched out for many fans. While the people playing the event were still able to play, many spectators were left out of the fun entirely.


There's still time for "Warzone" to win back some fans, however. Despite the server issues during its big Season 2 finale, it doesn't appear as though the battle royale is in any danger of slowing down when it comes to debuting new content.  Season 3 is now live, and it's kicking off with a mini event called "Hunt for Adler."