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The Most Bizarre Ways You Can Play GTA 5

One of the wildest trends in gaming and streaming in recent years has been the rise of the modded controller scene. The idea of modding unconventional controllers has transitioned from people thinking about rapid-fire triggers to people playing "Dark Souls" with things like a "Ring Fit Adventure" controller or even a toaster

Watching people play games using bizarre and unexpected means has grown in popularity, with streamers like Rudeism gaining a large following for just that. Naturally, it makes sense for people to want to make videos of them playing popular games with crazy set-ups, and "Grand Theft Auto 5" is one of the most popular games around for streamers and YouTubers.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Grand Theft Auto Online" have been incredibly popular in the content creation community, even getting a boost on Twitch because of the NoPixel role-play server, where some of the most popular streamers, like xQc, have been playing as their own original characters in the game. Other content creators have been playing "GTA" using custom set-ups.

Putting the "Auto" back in "Grand Theft Auto"

Popular content creator TmarTn posted a video of him playing "GTA V" using a racing wheel as his controller. While driving at extreme speeds has always been a part of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, it usually takes a back seat to the third-person run-and-gun action. TmarTn put a luxury sportscar to the test with his racing wheel peripheral, driving around as Franklin in the game's single-player mode. While his driving isn't always the cleanest, it is cool to see "GTA" play more like a premier racing game.

YouTuber AbsolutePixel took the steering wheel setup in a different direction. In a video, he set up an Xbox 360 steering wheel controller and pedals to play "Grand Theft Auto 5." However, instead of switching over to a regular controller outside of driving the way TmarTn did, AbsolutePixel spent time walking around Los Santos using the steering wheel. While most of AbsolutePixel's time is spent driving a car, he does cap the video off by riding up a mountain on a bicycle.

Making your dreams into virtual reality

YouTuber Nathie, who has made a number of videos about playing VR games, posted a video in which he checked out the VR mod for "Grand Theft Auto 5" allowing him to play the game in first-person using an HTC: Vive. The mod also allows for the game to be played using the headset's room-scale feature and motion controllers, so Nathie was able to walk around his room to play the game. The mod also added teleportation movement, so Nathie could traverse the environment without ever needing to use a regular controller.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" has always been considered to be a sandbox game, where you can run around the city and do whatever you want. The VR Mod adds another level of immersion, letting players feel like they live in Los Santo — assuming they have the PC rig and headset that can run it. Nathie has also made other "GTA" videos using VR capabilities, but this video gives fans a good look at the full VR experience.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" on the go

While playing "GTA" on a mobile phone isn't a new concept — some of the older titles like "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" are available for phones, for example — the most recent entry, in the series is not — isn't unless you want to stream "GTA 5" via xCloud and Xbox Game Pass

That's why fans may be shocked to see that YouTuber Lazy Steezy posted a video of themselves playing a modified version of "Grand Theft Auto 5" on an Android mobile phone. This version of the game seemed to be adapted smoothly to the platform, complete with touch controls. 

While the game doesn't run quite as well as its console and PC counterparts, the mod made it so the game could be played on the go. While mobile phone games have gotten more advanced in recent years, getting a game as massive as "GTA 5" running on a phone is an impressive feat. That said, downloading modded versions of popular games to an Android phone can be a sketchy proposition, so perhaps it's best to leave this to the YouTubers.