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The Real Reason xQc Is On Thin Ice

Controversial streamer xQc is no stranger to bans. After being temporarily banned from Twitch in November and suspended from Twitter in December, xQC got caught up in drama on Offline TV's Rust server. More recently, xQc was banned from the popular NoPixel Grand Theft Auto roleplaying server. However, he was unbanned just as quickly.


The NoPixel Grand Theft Auto roleplaying server is a community that exclusively stays in character while playing Grand Theft Auto. Every streamer that plays on NoPixel's server must follow a set of rules ensuring that everyone keeps the integrity of the world intact. Streamers must act in character at all times, with the understanding that their in-game actions have consequences.

xQc plays the mischievous Jean Paul on the NoPixel server, which was mostly happy to host his chaotic antics. However, as theScore explained on YouTube, xQc has reportedly had several confrontations with the server's admins. After xQc committed an in-game robbery and was sentenced to jail time, xQc told the arresting police officer, "I hope you f***ing die." Then, things got messy. 


xQc's fans joined the police officer player's livestream, overloading his chat with arguments in favor of xQc. Chat hopping, or intentionally going to another player's stream to mess with them, appears to be against the NoPixel rules regarding toxicity, as emphasized by Koil, the developer of NoPixel. Finally, after holding an officer at gunpoint and demanding the return of things that were "stolen" from him, xQc reopened his screen to find he had been permabanned. Though server admins said they would reach out to him, xQc allegedly decided to treat the case as closed.

In his offstream Discord chat, xQc supposedly stated that he was "done with all of it." Based on a screenshot, he explained that he planned to assume he was permanently banned and move on with his life. Admins did reach out to xQc, though, and his situation quickly reversed.

Later, xQc revealed that he had been unbanned. He found the news out live, yelling in excitement and immediately logging onto the NoPixel server. xQc said he could play, but he's on thin ice. He said he would follow laws and work to re-earn his privileges slowly. However, xQc's good boy demeanor didn't last for long. He quickly returned to his old antics, stealing cars and even running over a man in broad daylight.


Even though xQc is back on NoPixel for now, there's always a chance that he could be banned in the future, especially considering the messy circumstances of his initial ban. Even fans couldn't determine what actually happened, and one insisted that there was wrongdoing on both sides. For now, Jean Paul, AKA Mr. X, AKA xQc is back, but who knows for how long.