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The Call Of Duty Map You'll Never See Again

RIP Verdansk — or at least, Verdansk as players knew it.

In a Treyarch studio broadcast, creative director Amos Hodge explained, "Players don't know it, but current day Verdansk, they'll never play in that state again. Current day Verdansk is gone and it's not coming back." Instead, players will be transported back to the Spring 1984 version Verdansk. Hodge said that Verdansk '84 has a "completely different feel and vibe" than present day Verdansk, which was in an eternal, bleak winter.


Verdansk in the 1980s looked much different than players might think. The map will feature several new locations, including 5 locations that have new layouts to accommodate the time shift. One of the "new" locations is actually an old one: Rebirth Island has a new look, complete with a new Gulag. Rebirth Island was one of the first new maps to be introduced in "Warzone," and now fans has even more reasons to love it.

Hodge called Summit his favorite of all the locations, though, and he commended it for both its nostalgia value and its creative combat possibilities. Specifically, Summit makes it possible for players to engage in sniper battles from the comfort and security of cable cars. With a sunnier, more inviting Verdansk, who knows what mischief players can get up to in the cable cars, as well as other redesigned parts of the island.


Hodge also announced that the developers have listened to fans and will be bringing Resurgence mode to Verdansk '84, along with a meta shift. The shift will move players away from burst guns while including more automatic rifles, bringing even more chaos to the new map. That being said, nothing could be more chaotic than the initial design of "Warzone," which was filled with a whopping 200 players. Maybe it's best to be thankful things aren't as wild as they could be.

Then again, maybe fans crave that chaotic energy. Several "Warzone" players expressed their frustration with the new announcements, primarily the news that there won't be a new zombies experience until Season 4. One player begged for a return of the classic version of Zombies mode, while another stated that zombies are the only reason they play "Warzone." 

A new, brighter Verdansk might lighten some fans' spirits after a somewhat disappointing ending to the latest season of "Warzone." At the tail end of Season 2, players began turning to zombies, only to be obliterated by a nuclear strike. The content of the season finale wasn't the issue, though. Instead, server problems kept out many players that wanted to take part in the event, leaving fans disgruntled. Perhaps a trip back in time to the 1980s will help ease the pain of missing the end of Verdansk as we know it.